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This ted talks features sex educators nina dole big brockman and ellen dokan doll recorded live at headaches oslo 2017 we grew up believing that the hymen is the proof virginity but it turns out we were wrong what we discovered is that the poplars story we're told about female virginity is based on two anatomical myths the truth has been known in medical communities for over 100 years yet somehow these two minutes continue to make life difficult for women around the world the first myth is about blood it tells us that the hymen breaks and leads the first time a woman has vaginal sex in other words if there is no blood on the sheets afterwards than the woman was simply not a virgin the second myth is a logical consequence of the first since the hymen is thought to break and leads people also believes that it actually disappears or is in some way radically altered during a woman's first intercourse if that were true one would easily be able to determine if a woman is a virgin or not by examining her genitals by doing a virginity checked so that third two minutes virgins bleed and hyman our last forever now this may found like minor issue to you why should you care about an obscure little skin fall down the female body but the truth if this is about so much more than an anatomical misunderstanding the myths about the high have lived on for centuries because they have cultural significance.

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