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It's all possible. I promise I'm proof. We are not done. We are just beginning. I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Okay. Bye. Bye. So there you have it a heaping serving of help this is my last episode of two thousand eighteen so let me say here now, thank you so much for listening and emailing and stopping me in the street to give me a hug, that's actually my favorite part. This year has met so much to me. And I'm really excited to see what next year has in store for all of us. So have an amazing holiday a safe and happy new year. And thank you again for being you and for being totally awesome by. What do you know about the after show? It's the J G O K after show, you don't know about the after show, but it's the last after show of twenty teen the fresher. What will I do? Well, I don't know. No know knows actually thinking I would tell you what I usually do on New Year's because you didn't ask. And that's a reason for me to tell you just like everything else. I like to usually we'll have a small party over here. I I haven't done the last couple of years, but when we do, and I do this anyways. But it's easier because there's a fireplace here. You know, what I'm just going to get to the point. We write down our intentions for the next year. So a little bit less of a New Year's resolution something a little bit deeper. And then and we all talk about them. And then we write down things we want to like a sort of cleanse ourselves of from the past year. And then we set those on fire and watch them burn. I highly recommend it. And then you can makes Moore's but just make sure there's a fire extinguisher nearby. If you're building a fire not doing an fireplace. Okay. Well, that'll do it have a safe and happy new year. I think I already said that at the end of the podcast, but it's worth repeating seven times. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. Two three four be safe. Be safe. Okay. Bye.

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