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Visit difficult like these guys that literally just booked and that just tired to To be you know money you pay to go and see. Drew mcintyre said you pay to see drew mcintyre at drew brooke less. Nah in the crowd snot wrestling fans like us can still watch wrestling every week. it skies. that doesn't really watch that like. Oh they're in my hometown. Okay sweet. I'll go see a picture of his brother. His brother works just like him. Yeah he does does he does low. Yeah that's why when i saw it yesterday. That's why i wrote it down as i was like. Oh hey definitely looks. I can see who is brother. Is you know you can definitely see who is brothers. Like you wouldn't mess about with that right though. Quick check on how w is doing. We may as well. Did you watch any of this week. I asked to well. Luckily i did. And i just i hear people complain in on. And off about different bookings in this. The avalon cody rhodes match. Okay for the tv tile was a stupid interruption. Wwe second low blow. That didn't it and the match. Peer evidence clearly java. the match went on way too long. So this is everybody. Likes to say. I hate w visit my main. Hang up on them. Is the house party. Cut sonny kiss. Dig out peter avalon. They got they got cast earned this other guy. They hired a couple weeks ago. They got this dragging guy that a couple of weeks ago but all these regulated to either dark or doing doing pinfolds for the title. The cody rhodes. And it's we did you. Yes getting very much and it was funny last week. Like normally i've watched w wrestling has been on point like spot heavy but last week i actually felt that the storylines were the focus and the wrestling was not so great. Stories like page not joining dark. Order and matt hardy. Teddy private pie to the dockside. Y- slightly imploding. On inner circle was good. There was something in the water like last week because every match had the problem you know and that's that was my issue. Yeah the stories. Were doing better. But uh but the wrestling wasn't that great to some sloppiness even in the main event with santana and ortiz vs hager in guerrero the inner circle fights each other..

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