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So this is the punchline. Why was the medical director at Boston Public Health Commission and? A. Brooklyn sponsored events we are off the public health preparedness works very closely with partners within Boston. Metro by scenario including Brookline as well as state and federal partners on these preparedness activities. Sue it is important to note that The City of Boston have addressed vaccine preparedness in subscription. I think that the primary reason I was invited to speak about this is thinking about from a public health perspective when a scene is available, how be distributed? So this is something that on a HP thinks about honore on a regular basis, we create a flu season operations plan every year with a key objects which are two main such maintain ongoing, similar elation awareness for our city healthcare partners, the general public, and our and our the Metro Boston in statement in federal partners we also develop and implement an equal accede plan in order to reduce disease transmission. We provide timely inaccurate public health information on the flu and we coordinate incident command across the region that I mentioned so I recognize that I keep on talking about the flu. And Covert Nineteen pandemic is clearly the ramifications of. Pandemic and the flu or very different different that a typical flu season. But I wanted to mention all that background because city of certain. Again, a regional partners strong foundation an adjusting concerns of equity and prioritization when it comes to accede distribution in efforts to reduce the spread of infectious disease. So this includes strong partnerships and communication chains within our community again, with our state and regional partners, and so you know as we think about of vaccine development and how covid nineteen back seen. Will be distributed. We have to recognize that we do have an existing infrastructure in place. In which we could. Build, the foundation of a vaccine distribution. So when it comes specifically to go nineteen vaccine on, there are a couple of key points I wanted to mention So Dr Cy said it very eloquently, but just to repeat this vaccine is just one fool at our disposal through the spread of the disease face coverings social distancing frequent testing handwashing. These are all critical when it comes any respiratory illness there is no silver bullet that's gonNA solve our problem. So even when we do have a vaccine available, it is imperative that we utilize all the tools that we have. To Stop the spread of the disease including the vaccine is just one piece of a very large puzzle. And the second point I wanted to make about Kobe nineteen specifically that many of organizations including Center for Disease Control in the National Academies Science Medicine.

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