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Role kind of neophyte politician. But but this is what for an hour point this out to other some of your other colleagues. This is what leadership looks like he took a stand on the stadium. You said, okay. I think it's gonna prove our CitiCorp can improve the West End. It's going to be painful, there's gonna be some problems, but you didn't run and hide and then fire Twitter and the tweets in the middle of the night like some people, do you showed up you answered the bell. And you stood in front of these people who are affected by your decision. I said look I signed up for this. I'm the one who the swing vote. I will he said put my ass in front who every time. But I wanna help make you whole I want to come up with a solution. So everyone walks away happy as possible here instead of running and hiding that's the most politically expedient thing to do is to simply run and hide. Yeah. Jeff, I gotta hand it to you. This is the leadership that Cincinnati needs in these troubled times, they need more guys. Like you like Jeff pastor in less people who are in. It's simply to maybe send to the next level politics or do a of. Good things you're walking the walk and talk. Thing is is that we have to have a discussion about potentially changing either are booting for that read a article on freedom economic or have a classical liberal. The free market prices. Guys. And they were saying that there has to be another conversation about naturally occurring affordability so learned and we have a report coming here. So about the need have to have more market rate housing because housing made supportive housing. That's occurring. How the? And basically people don't know that people say, well, we need to be that. That's not what you do with you is more moderate housing. Preserve, your percentage of those properties. That are and you have to have you know, what we call like, they're the profit motive you want the developers come in a profit, you know. To do sometimes affordable housing. And I think as African American every time we have a conversation. We talked about low income housing or African American who are working poor who say, listen, I just wanna know family a home with a half. And that's what this with this. What we need to find a saloon. And have. Well, it is about African American neighborhoods because we're in the city centre here in Cincinnati Appalachian. It's the same thing pike county. Elsewhere, and the problem is I don't really care what skin color Yar. We have an economic despaired in this country is used to be not too long ago, certainly within two generations generation that you could have a fulltime job have enough set aside to be able to save some money for retirement. Go on vacation a few times a year by a nice middle class home somewhere in living decent lives down have a little money left over to be able to enjoy life. But because of the bad policies the previous generation that's all road in. Now, we have more working poor than ever before decimating the middle class. If you can't afford to buy the stuff you make or service, we got some real problems in this country because eighty percent of our economy is based on consumers may send me a new buying the services that we create in the goods that we make we're we're not having that in this country. And certainly the is doing very well. But you wonder under what pretense so Jeff? Yeah. We need a champion have David Mann on your contemporary at eleven o'clock to talk about the district one district five combination, which I think would probably solve this problem. What if you if they were district one to free market principles get top dollar for the police headquarters there sell it to the football to the soccer team? That's gonna solve a lot of the stuff for talking about it. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff gone. Be thought it says it made me to go do another interview. They're trying to give him some love usually hang around. You see that? Listen, I hear embarrassing me. I gotta hang up. That's refreshing. Right. How many people would simply? Hi, how many local officials would vote for something like this? And then when things start to get a little contentious would would run for cover jet. Jeff pastor showed up answer the bell in. It's going to try to make things right? That's the kind of leadership we need Sloan here. Seven hundred seven hundred w l w this is seven hundred w l.

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