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It's a flurry if you've been listening to this show then this will come as no surprise because we've been talking about pardon palooza for a while now but nothing quite prepared for the corruption until it actually happens and this also comes after the new york times. Release a story. That trump is currently considering pardons for vodka. Jared rudy eric. And don jr. you know just in case While we understand that innocent people don't need pardons trump is spinning this as a response to the threat of a runaway deep state prosecutor. Who could come after them now. All of that already being said this has gone down in the last twenty four hours just coming across my desk right now breaking news about a vodka. Trump out of dc of uncle trump sat for a deposition tuesday with investigators from the washington. Dc attorney general's office as part of a lawsuit alleging misuse of inaugural funds gross misuse. And this is according to a new court filing in january the dc attorneys general office sued the trump organization and the presidential inaugural committee alleging. They abused more than a million dollars. Raised by the nonprofit by grossly overpaying for use of events space at the trump hotel in washington for free for the two thousand seventeen inauguration deposition of witnesses as part of the loss of underway over the past. Several weeks tom. Barrack chairman of the inaugural committee was also deposed. He was deposed november seventeenth. That's according to the court filing the attorney general's office also subpoenaed records from barack barrick. Iv ivanka and first lady. Melania trump and rick gates the former inaugural committee deputy chairman according to the lawsuit gates personally managed discussions with the trump hotel about the events base. And we kind of saw this coming. So that's the fucking crazy. Pardon palooza coup sedition treason. Ivanka inaugural committee. Tom barrack back on your fantasy indictment league news.

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