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Clea tire break their current daily record high temperatures in Texas cities such as Dallas and San Antonio. Temperatures will exceed 100 degrees as Faras sting hydrated in the heat. Dr Diane has says, Stick to water. Many people turned to those hydration things like Gatorade or electrolyte. Drink water is finding you hydrated. It's nicer if it's cool, because it does cool the core body temperature. Really, If you have cool fluids in you, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says it's upto local leadership to start preparing For the reopening of schools across the country this fall, calling guidelines from the CDC just that you're listening to use a radio news. When you have a pain in the neck, a really pain in the neck back shoulder or legs. You now have two convenient choice is to get fast relief without taking another pill. Because now sunny bae heating wraps and pillows are available at both Amazon and Wal Mart. Yes, see sunny days 4.5 to 5 Star customer reviews on amazon dot com or walmart dot com. Made in the USA microwavable Heat wraps, beatable neck pillows and extra large body wraps are designed And better for perfect support. Where and when you need it, even while driving, Sunny Bae raps will not burn and stay balanced to provide soothing hot or cold therapy to help treat temporary or chronic pain. And the best part sunny Bae quality products started under $20 joined thousands of happy customers and see why Sonny, their products have a lifetime. 100% positive rating on both Amazon and etc. It's easy Click Amazon or WalMart and searched today for sunny BAE. In Ohio County that includes the city of Cleveland has established a hotline to report people were defying a state ordered by not wearing facemasks amid the surgeon Corona virus cases in the state

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