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Today's episode is about a boy named Jim Henson whose life was changed when his family got their first TV. He saw those shows the actors on them and the stories they told and decided that he wanted to be on television himself someday. Jim Henson was born in September nineteen, thirty, six in Mississippi. His family love jokes and laughing Jim spent a lot of time with his grandparents who helped him create amazing art projects. He also loved to go to the theater and watch movies and especially loved Westerns and movies that took place in far off places. He and his friends would spend their playtime dressing up and acting out the movies they saw using homemade props and they're big imaginations. Jim also grew up listening to radio broadcasts shows and his favourite performer was Edgar Bergen Ventriloquist of entr. ill-equipped is someone who can talk without moving his lips or mouth. Jim saw this and thought it was amazing. Later his family moved in Maryland and they purchased their first. TV when Jim was just thirteen years old jim watched a show called Kuka friend and. which featured puppet performers he loved the way. The puppets appeared to be real creatures that people could laugh with share stories with and be friends with. The puppets were alive in a way and that was magical. Jim Dreamed about being on television himself. As soon as Jim turned sixteen, he started looking for a job in television with all the local stations. Sadly, they all said No. This was hard for Jim. He didn't give up. He later heard that one of the stations was looking for a puppeteer. So checked out some books on puppetry built some puppets and applied for the job. He got the job building puppets for a Saturday morning. Children's program called the morning show with hard work practice and determination he was accomplishing his goal. Jim Henson. Went to college at the University of Maryland College Park in college took a puppetry class and produced a puppet show called Salmon friends for W RC TV. The puppets in the show or early versions of what would later become the muppets including a prototype or version of kermit the. FROG. Jim worked on the show he invented new puppetry and filming methods that are still in use today such as allowing the puppeteer to work off camera by using the frame defined by the camera shot. At this time, most puppets were made from wood and we're not very expensive. Instead Jim used fabric covered foam rubber to give his puppets greater ability to express emotion. Instead of strings he is rods to manipulate the puppets also increase the range of expression of the puppets. While Jim was working on the salmon friends show he met and worked with Jane Neville another student at the university they would later begin dating eventually got married in Nineteen fifty-nine. The success of Salmon Friends led the Henson's puppets appearing on talk shows like the Steve Allen show the Jackpot program and the Ed Sullivan Show. These are similar to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy. Kimmel, shows in our day. Henson's puppets also became famous when they were used in TV commercials such as the Wilkin Coffee Company commercial in Washington DC. In nineteen sixty, nine Jim was asked to join the team working on a new children's program called.

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