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Uh we go blind all right in one i very limited let's stay with the medicine so it secretarial its zoloft it's of the usaid hide hydraulic zine or high had drugs in i draw as the blood pressure medicine i keep going we'll f a drowsy and out for a draw zebette on their longtime or short uh longtime high gone i'd rosen very of medicine and let towers our own mattel is going to my um over the our baiters all the all those dire red x in the steroids with the steroids for did i hear carpizo subset of steroid anyway the dia red x of the oil is dire addicts are gonna be a little tough on your system agency the branko the death i'm gonna ask you to do something that's going to be impossible but do you think you can change your life i mean do you think you can sort of seize control of it do you do you think you turn lissette lucia around list of the podcast i did with west chapman he's a guy that had his third or fourth suicide attempt have you seven and with vienna lock padded room as a teenager and turned it around doing what numbers at gary west us west chapman what we did two of them for the first one is what i'm thinking and he he talks about that and he did on my podcasts so well i listen you know everyone always tries to talked me out of this speech to seven five to seventy five utter mike you're my question is what's the alternative.

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