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For the trump administration continues here in washington let's head right back to new york where bloomberg's charlie pellett is watching this selloff continue on wall street absolutely right nathan hager fast moving markets the dow down almost five hundred points right now it is down four hundred eighty one that is a drop of about two percent mega cap technology is where the real damage is being done right now we have got nasdaq down one hundred sixteen points down one point six percent the nasdaq one hundred index lower now by two percent s and p five hundred index slumping thirtyseven down one point four percent stocks moving laura amid a raft of earnings and renewed selling in the bull markets biggest winners ten year treasury yield this morning peers three percent for the first time in four years caterpillar shares they are down now by five point nine percent gold up five tenths of one percent thirteen thirtyone the ons west texas intermediate crude down one point one percent sixty seven ninety three right now for a barrel of wti recapping stocks falling more than one percent snp down thirty seven a dropped now of one point four percent the dow's down two percent nasdaq down one point seven percent i'm charlie pellett and that is a bloomberg business flash all right charlie thank you will voters in arizona's eighth district are heading to the polls today to vote in a special house election to replace congressman trent franks who resigned in december following sexual harassment allegations in two thousand sixteen president trump won the district by twenty one points but the democratic contender hero atip here nene is pulling just ten points behind republican challenger debbie lesko tip bernini spoke with abc fifteen in phoenix i'm willing to work with anybody has only come to the table on how these important conversations there are so many critical issues greg dro congress reporter for bloomberg government joins us now for more on the race from our bloomberg ninety nine one studios in washington and greg tell us more about this contest and what it may mean for the congressional midterms this november will and racist like this the merchant of victory tells us a lot about the political environment perhaps even more than who wins or loses this is a very republican district hosting the special election today a part of the.

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