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Thank you thank you for coming thank you brandon johnson guests comptroller joe oh yeah yeah oh yup yup on the literally on i'm being on the beach my literary nece can't be beat i'm rapping on the b and my name is mc street and i wrap with some beats a plate of them they're called beets wrapping on the beat rapid from the street can't be these beats per minute can't be i chose to all right yeah thank you thank you guys thank you it is kind of going to be a more of a musical night if i mean we jesus christ is this mike lee lettuce and gentlemen steve leaving oh god star pack tonight it probably will be a little bit of a musical night 'cause i i've been working out on instagram live as you all know and and i play a workout mix while i work out and i work out to the beat the instagram started doing this instagram tv thing because of what you were doing probably but also i think that kicked in like a new hire wave of copyright detection or something so my workouts when i work out a loan and the trainer's not they're like talking over stuff and i i've done enough experimenting i think to realize that it's like right around the foo fighters like some a i think it's triggered lately shuts off like suspends my instagram feet so i thought we'll i mean is it because dudes will bootleg music based off your workout because that's what people do i imagine it's just like what what what's fair fair fair fair in love and war and copyright infringement it's like technology started allowing us to steal music really quickly and there was nothing anybody could do about it metallica wanted mp threes to be illegal and we laughed at him and we call him metallica and it was like oh man don't you get it but it's twenty thirty years later now it's actually kind of like the pendulum swinging back that's shit i can't play foo fighters in the background at my party because the robots are like better able to recognize music that she zam technology represents computers are able to pick up on a cindy lauper saigon the background of a bar and i think that's what's happening is that they just it must be certain bands because i always start with the rocky theme i guess nobody gives a fuck i don't know if it's purse song or like type of music you can feel it's the type of music because you can still hip all day long yeah that foo fighters it's not weird i guess they're probably the most out of everything in my playlist i guess they're probably the most like i don't know what adjective would be like i'm sure you could try to like the label or something like this label is really litigious or enforces it or something well anyways i'm not gonna get mad and go fuck you old man i'm entitled to steal your music like if i'm broadcasting on instagram so i took the beats per minute of each of the workout songs i'm starting i'm gonna use garage band to make sound likes so you really so you are really really ripping off somebody's music basically i can't wait nine should agree was costing them money unless unless i really gave them full credit was like this is the foo fighters fighters inspired this song broadcast hat and killing and then their lawyer calls and goes like please just use the song regular sub no i love the foo fighters i wanna help i'm just in rhode island this is this is wrapped shops impression of justin roy only one that i do say holy pressured him just and i have is brab shrouds yeah so i don't know let's see so according to levy if i if i just hit this and then that air server okay might not supposed to say that out loud now everyone can now everyone could probably definitely she said that out loud it makes sense good this technology but y'all can't but y'all can't bail me out of jail but okay but don't play the video 'cause i nervous because i didn't like scrubbed my ipad for porn if you cannot play the video from my thing if i.

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