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Two. Going to be jason tatum. Because i tell you one thing if brad stevens if they flame out in the playoffs and one of the folks who owned that team get the bug up his ass and says i want Brad stevens outta here. I'm quite sure if there's going to be like twenty to twenty five teams. That would be on the be on the phone brad. Stevens asian about one point. Four milliseconds after he fired saying. Hey what can we come in an interview. Your because yeah. We definitely want you to be interested in coaching our team. So i think brad stevens still held in high regard but has he runs. Its course with this certain team or has run this course with these with these players and if he has what is what needs to be changed the player dynamic or the coach getting all of that one those world and sports. I'm your host wonderwall so glad that you could be with us and be a new speaking about coaches on the hot seat. I wanna get into a little bit on the podcast today about the nba. The hot seat candidates ryan's never to Never too early to speak about that when speaking about coaches who might be in trouble whether it's the nhl major league baseball dealing with the manager nfl or the nba right boot and holder of the milwaukee bucks luke walton of the sacramento kings. Dwayne casey of the detroit pistons steve clifford of the orlando magic. All of these guys a couple of others are in the news. Total about you know there might be a situation where we might have to go into another direction where we might have to take a look and see see. What else is out there. Which one of these candidates. And i'm telling you there's more than these four that i just mentioned which one of these candidates which one of these candidates are safe are hot are basically already gone. What do the new breed of coaches should look by. Say for instance if the milwaukee bucks disappointed in my boot and holder is gone. Where do they go to look for a coach. If the sacramento kings the remedy says you know what valens going. Luke walton awarded. They don't what type of coach are we looking for here. Are we looking for a retread. Are we looking for a jeff. Van gundy type. Are we looking for a western. Sell junior type. Are we looking for a coach. Who's never been a head coach. Before i was looking for a guy off the someone staffel mother had some experience in the g. league and he's been on A staff of a successful organization. You wanna bring him in. What are we talking about. An this could really be a litmus test in terms of hiring practices to serving the league. Remember when chris finch was hired by the minnesota timberwolves. There's some folks out there told him well. Damn i mean you know. How many black coaches do we have out here in the nba and the other and that was really the first time that are really thought about that. Because again the league is so F rel hurt centric in terms of lebron james no problems stating his case in giving his opinions about anything and everything regarding socialists. Same thing with chris. Paul seeing thing with jaylen brown's same thing but they huge amount of players black players in the nba. They're not biting their tongues in the seems like the relationship concerning that between the players and the owners are strong enough to where. It's a lot different than say the nfl owners and its players association. So this is a situation. Where the first time i thought about. It was again win. Chris finch was hired by the minnesota timberwolves off the staff of the toronto raptors. It was like well. What minnesota did was not kosher because this is a situation where you want to wait till the end of the season and you have a pool of candidates to go ahead and choose from. The pool of candidates should also include black coaches. So of you're just going to narrow the one guy who just happens to be white man against black folks are giving the shaft in terms of equal opportunity. He get themselves or head. Coaching position but again never really thought about that. Because if there were hiring practices and terms of discrimination toward Black coaches in the quite sure kevin durant and kyrie irving lebron james and all of these superstar here was had some saying it. And when you're speaking about how important. A superstar franchise player is to the organization. You better believe almost all of these teams that are hiring these coaches. They're going to get their input in from the player who happens to be what black so for perfect example would be the steve nasty situation. John who was the brooklyn nets coach. After kennedy acton wood fired. You did a great job without kevin durant and without Kyrie irving when he got injured. Jack vaughn was beloved by the team beloved by the players. They played extremely hard for them. And they overachieved got the got them into the playoffs. Right got the brooklyn into the place where they hit. They'll business being there. But who's the coach of the brooklyn nets. Now steve nash. You'll think that the joe in the ownership it didn't go up to kyri and kevin durant for their opinions about who should be the next head coach. And you're gonna try to tell me the kyri who throws his opinion on everything and let his feelings know about everything. Wears his emotions on the sleeve in front of the public about everything going to try to tell me if kevin durant and kyrie irving said. Now i really do like vaughn. And since i only have two years remaining on my contract you guys really want to resign me. I think that you would be doing a solid. If you just kept jacques. Vaughn as the coach moving forward. I think that working relationship between the three of us. Vaughn irving durant think of a work. So let's go ahead. And let's just keep jukka on at the head coach if tyree and katie had that attitude guess would be the head coach of the brooklyn nets for the twenty twenty twenty twenty one season. It would be john vaughan. It would not be steve nash. So that's my deal in terms of wait a minute. There's supposed to be a if they're supposed to be issues with black coaches getting an opportunity. Not getting hired. Don't we have the infrastructure to make sure that that doesn't happen so at just my way of saying it'll be interesting to see if say for instance the detroit pistons. The orlando magic sacramento. Kings milwaukee bucks washington wizards and another's. Let go their head coaches and say i instance out of those sixteen need a head coach. Five of them are white interesting interesting because bradley beal for washington wants a black head coach. It's gonna give himself a black head coach right if my boot and holder is gone from the milwaukee bucks. Indiana said kupa the black head coach. Guess what the milwaukee bucks are giving themselves a black head coach now a little bit different in detroit in sacramento. Because they don't have anybody of any consequence. The fox is can hope and pray in demand all he wants to about the black head coach but he's not at the stature for where the organization's going to be like well and you know wants a black tillerson. Yeesh now they're going to find best head coach into the apple to be white and the air force doesn't like it. Oh well that's his problem. So certain situations calls for certain. You know avenues to go down. But.

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