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Going to get some idiot for sure. Standard no no. I don't think I haven't seen that much but I don't think it. Stand up. His I mean he kind of he stood up with Robbie he kind of. He stood in banged with Robbie. Lawler it Kinda gave them hand. I got respect Rob Rob Robbie. Jack does these old. He had his time. You know. He's Kinda he's that same dude who's running and through old people like fucking Alex. What's his name? Alex Smith John Jones. You know that's the same. He fought Shogun. who were in a row rent or someone else some bums some old people you know? And that's what Kobe Dating Fata Junior Zonta or not. What's his name Pettus? No no no. No no no no Rafael Dough Sean. Oh Yeah beat him and then who is old and then he'd be Robbie lawler old so it's like come on you gotta find someone young and this is where I wanna see who's been beat the shit out of my young like busy right outta sign you bro. He's you see that thing with him and John Jones Retard. Yeah why did John started though. It doesn't make any sense. I think because he has the feel threatened in some way he decided. It's more about stardom. You know 'cause it's like connor had it lost it. John Jones came back into the picture and he had it and then out out of nowhere this Anderson Silva two point. Oh comes out of you know in. Everyone loves that style a fighter. He's different dances. He'll throw spinning heel. Kicks at you so I mean he's got the talk he wins. You GotTa love him you know. But I think he'll get his ass beat against John j-o-h-n yeah I don't think that will all but Do see his a food diary with a burnish off. Yeah Brennan will say he's like Jack. He's a big. I'm like he's skinny. He's real skinny. I think I don't know I mean you can also be skinny. And okay shredded writ shred. He's Reno Jack Brennan Shabhz. He's he exaggerates ally. Look I'm like he actually gets terrible reviews for his podcast. Hello the boat. It's it's like bad if you read is like All the comments would be like like if this is the most boring podcast ever When is this podcast GONNA end like it's all? Oh Hey and I'm like an maybe should give it up. Got Four of them. You know you talk shows. Yeah here's below the Bell Fighter in the kid came this thing. Okay three of them and only food truck. Diaries pockets so yeah. He's got three of them. Bro You need to below the bill. I'll L. listen to that if I'm like making eggs it's time to pass. And he's talking about some fights or something we'll see that's the thing though it's not they you know Chin Chin. Yeah his The assistant yes assistant but he keeps the show like go. People were like seniors. Like if you're here for Chin there was like a hundred lakes aches literally it was like damn like literally controlled the show windows. Yeah he he had a new hairpiece though. I appreciate like that. Who's WHO's action? Oh Yeah He. He's a Goof He's so funny Do you watch king of this thing that really i. I watched some clips on like instagram grandma. Though I won't watch it I got it to where every single time it comes out. I get an alert on my phone and listen it is do you watch heels This past weekend his other sometimes depending on. WHO's on there? Yeah Steven. He's so weird. So weird you know he just says is the most off the wash is being. That's probably my my favorite podcasts. Yeah I was GONNA go see him his comedy show But I was working and I forgot about those damis tonight. Type of thing Brennan CIA was in town to I'll he's not funny at all to me. I wouldn't want to either stand ups. 'cause they're more podcast. Yes people Dinos Abacha Mesko is. That's one of my Larry Israel to specials so underrated so integrated rated. I'm like I like I like better than Kevin Hart's honestly it was funny. It's funny because you can tell like Kevin Hart tries a little. He tries the little guy who are Sebastian. He's just so effortless. Yeah it's still talking about his real life right. He's a certain stories. That came heart. Says he's making. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I watched his stay hungry special like four times and I laughed every single time. Like I couldn't stop with the first one to offer you like the one that pink shirt or whatever. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That was hilarious man. He's just different. You know what I'm saying He he's coming. He's going to CAESARS WINDSOR in April. And that's probably I'm going to that for sure. Nice yeah I don't I don't like big crowds. They said but I'll do it. Maybe I'm not a huge fan audio to a it wasn't huge Saint Andrews Hall Downtown and it wasn't like a massive venue. It was like a lot of people right. People get mad and shake. He's a all may touch my girl that type of shit like we're mouse massive as cry. Of course he bumped yes exactly I chill out. We're jumping mosh pits and shave. Because people he would just are ignorant on ignorant as hail very ignorant so I work at the club and that happens almost every single Friday. You know someone will bump. I've been someone on my bad. What would you know trying to fight? It's like Bro. What do you mean okay? Apologize Take your drunk ass home. It's the most annoying shit to deal with. You know 'cause and I'm glad I got that whole club part because I'm not going to the clubs. I'm twenty one I'm not doing. It's not even like man. I'm I've been gone a couple of times but it's not like I don't know I have to go with like a big. I can't go with me because it's too much it pops off and it's like I went to telling Katie I went to a Halloween party and it was. I mean had to be at least fifteen people like we were mobbed. Everybody that I knew the Bartender Avenue Kyle the Bouncer Pretty Nice Guy but I oh see why not Baia. You almost looks like there's a bouncer at my job. Kyle going okay. I got to meet Carl to but but yeah. I don't know club scenes just tonight say okay. I'm here whatever right I gotta be like really I wanNA say selling alcohol. I gotta get like I'm going to have some alcohol exist exactly if you're just dancing you're having a drink it's like oh no see. I have a hard time spending money so like I. Don't you know what I'm saying and I see the prices at the club. You know I'm like I'm not. I'm not paying that to get drunk or what. There's no reason you know what I'm saying so it's come every Friday spend five hundred dollars every time there right and then wonder why they don't have money. That was me it was I went to. I went to like two or three different places. I went to one win. Your heard of marble bar no went there was like a thirty dollar cover charge and wink. Thirty dollars terrible. I had a good time. They they got they got this upstairs. which is Kinda cool disco ball with lasers and she knows pretty dope Lending this outside area but it was kind of messed up.

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