With the Snohomish County response team. The Corona virus surgeon.


County response team. The Corona virus surgeon. Much of America has California closing bars again, and restaurants, museums and theaters and zoos. The Army is now overseeing the military's Corona virus response in California and Texas. The first troops arriving in Houston, where the mayor is proposing a two week complete lock down there in Florida, the state seeing nearly 13,000 new infections Monday following a record breaking 15,000 cases Sunday. It's Fox's Jackie Baniyas, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican. I told Fox. What to do about schools is a tough decision has an economic impact that has a learning impacted a long term impact that will be with us long after the pandemic has passed. So we've got away the cost of the benefits and and there will always be risk of long as there's no immunity from from this virus. Atlanta Los Angeles Nashville, San Diego will keep schools close with Orange County, California voted last night to let kids return this fall without masks or social distancing. America's listening to Fox News. LBJ News Time is now 902 Good morning on Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by AM policing.

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