Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Rumors


I have some concerns about a game series I. Don't really have a lot of stake in but I. I know friends and I. Know People, and obviously it's popular so I'm just got to put an open letter out to the fans. Coconut fans. Are you okay. What's what's? Happening with pokomo Jackson. Well I. Mean Like A. Nintendo has. Gone on for years and years and years saying we'll never deal. See to poke him. We'll never deal. See to Pokemon deal. See pokemon never and. They did it Dave even. The I I believe sixty dollar POKEMON game first game to come up on console pokemon. Sword and shield recently got an expansion DLC. I don't know what it does I. Don't know if it added anything like Pokemon, wise, or if it was just more area to explore new trainers to fight not. Not, sure but I do know that deal. It is POK MON and it exists, but more than that. There's also. apparently more pokemon news coming up on the horizon but sense. That deal, see just dropped I. Don't think it's the new main story game that everybody thinks it's going to be, and then on top of that recently, a game kind of popped into sort of the advertisements on my switch that sort of. Said Hey. You should check the salaries and we came out and it say Puzzle Game Donors Pok Mon Cafe, and it's cute enough, but it's. Very much like something. I think that could have just. Let Really Song Apple Story and no. Told me about among cafe. Tell me about that. I don't really know how to describe it as a puzzle because it's all touched based, and it's not like sliding blocks. Dropping blobs or anything like? Tetris it's. A big conglomeration of just ev or peak shaped balls, and you drag your finger along. And connect them all in order to make a combo. It's not difficult. It's just so. It's lawyer Bobble late or is this what you've wanted I I yeah, or no, not really. Bust a move would have like you know aiming involved. This is really just you wiggle your finger. Finger across the screen. And then you let go, and then it all clears. It's very. It's very. I guess I would say and you know. Maybe that's fine for. You know the average Joe and I know that Pokemon has had a number of mobile releases now, but part of me is just wondering. Why was this a switch release? Why wasn't this on the phone? It's free. And I believe it is paid play. I deleted it I was just Kinda like well well at check out just to see what it was. I want to see what was going on in the world of poke him on the tertiary side, and it doesn't look that good and I remember. Not to pull the back in my day card. Semi Semi used to be with it and Jack I literally within Jack. Then, they chased what it was. I remember. On Games when the side POK MON Games were. Still capable of bringing you through all the gym, leaders and their trainers and the elite four. I'm talking about the end sixty four classics stadium. So, you know I know the spinoffs should be like and I've seen what's been going on to the community, and I've kind of vaguely gone people to explain to me like if gotten rid of national decks, so you can't really liked apparently transfer your POK mon from other Games, and if you have an emotional connection to the series. That does suck, and then just to add on top of it. It seems like two to three pieces of big pokemon content are kind of releasing this summer, or at least being announced, and it's really. Doesn't feel I. Don't know I like I said I'm kind of on the outskirts, but I do know people and I'm just worried like. How are you feeling? Is this okay? Are you worry? Do you think Pokemon is more of a? Like a mascot franchise. Or, than the game that it was I, mean it's Kinda, got an identity crisis from the beginning. You know card game anime. It's a brand. It's always been a brand, but I'm just worried that. Maybe it's kind again. Spread a little thin and I'm worried about my friends. And this is my open invitation. To say is I? See what's going on and I'm worried about you?

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