Yes, and they would be going back to school. It's a possibility anything else but Did you see the

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Talk about this woman from China. Urologist from Hong Kong. Oh, yes. You talking How mobilised thing, actually, Wass. And I was I I want you to know I got a call from Marc Vogel, who's our kgo Chef and Mark told me This virus is probably the first time I heard about the virus was from Mark. Who early early early in January. Told me you know what's going on in China. I reported it here and I said, I said, I'm not reading about it. This is what I'm hearing from work, Mark says. The virus has come back. In China. In Korea and in Peru, or Mark does a lot of business. With three or four times the strength. Of the first wave. Did you hear John Gordon chain talk about the fact that there were 22 million Bones that were turned off. In mainland China. Yes. In orderto have Bono actually function in that society all you have to have a phone. Yeah, well, they don't want the news to get out and the pictures are vory distressing that have gotten out and we're not really reporting it because we are absorbed with what's happening. In this country. But you're a trump supporter. And so this interests me, Jim. I hope you will call as we get closer to the election. And

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