Montana court blocks ballot collection law


This is national native news I'm Antonio Gonzalez a Montana court has blocked a ballot collection on the state which tribes a native advocates say restricts the right to vote for native Americans Yellowstone County District Court granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday halting the. Montana Bala Interference Prevention Act Tribes and native vote. Soon saying the law would disenfranchise native voters, especially those in rural areas by ending the practice, a ballot collection by vote organizers who transport ballots to tribal election offices, native groups and British Columbia to fight on after a major legal defeat as down, carpenter reports the Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an indigenous appeal of the Trans Mountain pipeline of all the dismissal. Dismissal came as usual with no explanation from Canada's highest court, and a now effectively upholds a lower court decision, approving the project as sound was also the last known legal option to overturn federal government approval of the project government leaders say they worked hard to accommodate concerns that native communities had, but they welcome the court's decision, saying it's an important project for. For Canada but several first nations in BC say they will keep the fight against the Trans about pipeline expansion, going chiefly at George Wilson is with the sale with tooth first nation, it is a major setback for a reconciliation in reduces consultation to a purely procedural requirement. George Wilson says the ruling is not the end she will consult with their community before deciding. Deciding on the next step, other opponents say they will continue to push back some vowing that the expansion will never be completed. Government leaders say the project will provide nearly forty nine hundred jobs, and will triple the amount of Alberta oil, flowing to terminals on the West, coast, and then by tanker to overseas markets for National Native News I'm Dan Carp Chuck. The US Supreme Court's refusal to reinstate water crossing permits for the keystone pipeline puts construction on hold as environmental studies are conducted, an attorney says those studies should have been done years ago Victoria. Wicks reports a Montana. Federal Court ruled in May that the US army. Corps of Engineers use of a fast track permit was insufficient for oil and gas pipelines. Judge Brian Morris's decision applied to all new oil and. And Gas Pipelines in the country Morris isn't junction nationwide permit. Twelve was affirmed by the ninth circuit. Court of Appeals last month, and the corps of Engineers then asked the US Supreme Court to overturn that Decision Doug as a senior attorney with the Sierra, Club. He says it's important to note that both higher courts have now affirmed Judge Morris decision in the K. Excel case there's no doubt so far. Far In either the ninth circuit opinion or the supreme. Court decision that that ruling was cracked. So you know we're confident that that the night circuit will find the same on appeal. Hayes says the core now has to complete a thorough environmental study for the K. xl before it can be built I'm Victoria wicks in rapid city. South Dakota. The United National Indian Tribal, Youth Organization or unity has gone viral. Viral this year and light of the ongoing pandemic. The gathering continues this week as Christine Trudeau Reports Unity Executive Director Mary. Kim Titlists says as native youth continue to play a vital role and tribal communities combating covid nineteen. It's important for them to take time to connect with peers at workshops, shirt, talents and build on self care techniques to help navigate stress and anxiety management amid lockdowns and isolation what? Conference has to offer is a message of hope and empowerment, just connecting with each other I think that's really important. During this pandemic is that we connect with each other and we inspire each other registration is free at Unity Inc Dot Org, those with limited WIFI access can still participate by telephone or received content via thumb drive I'm Christine, Trudeau and Antonio Gonzalez.

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