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Of death to be determined I'm doing that's were fox news awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges sixty six year old Jeffrey Epstein found dead in his cell yesterday morning an apparent suicide by hanging unofficially the medical examiner awaiting further information before releasing any official determination to Bendigo examiner Dr barber Sampson says at the request of the legal team representing I've seen and with the awareness of a federal prosecutor chillout noted pathologist doctor Michael Baden to observe the autopsy examination she says it's a routine practice boxes rob Dawson guards were supposed to check on an obscene every thirty minutes the New York Times reporting that did not happen prior to the discovery of his body their ring doorbell capturing a scary sight around three thirty this morning on the other side of the door a Tennessee prison inmate Curtis ray Watson on the lam since Wednesday morning to see a revolt that he was making he said this in advance so I prepared for if you try to come in say an and Harvey Taylor Watson surrendered in a soybean field just seven hundred fifty feet from their house ten miles from the prison he faces some serious charges first degree murder aggravated sexual battery especially aggravated burglary and to skate and says T. A. mark Davidson we're looking at whether or not we might apply the death penalty or seek the death penalty in this case yes Watson accused of the sexual assault and strangulation death of the prison administrator an electrical short the possible because of a fire at a daycare.

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