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Harris Allen. This report brought to you by major world dot com. Luis Severino was set to make his first daughter spring training yesterday. But it never happened the Yankees as felt discomfort in his pitching shoulder went for an MRI, which revealed rotator cuff inflammation, there'll be treated with anti inflammatories. Won't throw a baseball for two weeks. After which time they'll be reevaluated highly doubtful Severino would be able to start on opening day. The Yankees gave Severino a four year forty million dollar contract. Just a couple of weeks ago. Steven Tarpley made the start in place of Severino. The Yankees beat the Braves five to one j allowed one run over three innings Aaron Hicks sat out of a second straight game for the Yankees with a sore lower back. The Marlins down the Mets three one Jason Vargas throwing shutout ball over two and a third. Giants. As expected cutting ties with Landon Collins the team elected not to use their franchise tag on the Pro Bowl safety. He'll become an unrestricted free agent. The out of this coughed up a two goal. Third period. Lead ended up winning in a shootout over the senators five to four the eight hundred th career coaching victory for Barry. Trots Brock Nelson to the islanders finished. She went three home stand on an optimistic note, some good things and bad things. Give them to lead that hurts but to get two points from its big for us. And now we got to kind of reset get back. They'll play them again on Thursday, November again, the wind gets the islanders into a first-place tie with the idol capitals that sound courtesy of MSG plus Thomas Greis entered the game late after Robin. Leonard was injured in a goalmouth collision. No update on Leonard. As of yet, another shootout for the devils. They lost to the blue jackets two to one Cam Atkinson and our Aaron scoring the shootout goals for Columbus. The stars beat the Rangers one to nothing. Five straight losses for the blue shirts. Despite Alex cure, thirty one say, Ben Bishop hosted the shutout for the stars. In the NBA a night off the Knicks and nets both will play. Tonight's nets hosted the Cavaliers here on the fan at.

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