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You rippin six guys. Just talking shooting the Listen the best part about bill belichick is. He's the same guy you see on television in the like. I almost started laughing on our monday morning. Rip session. I mean pat. Nee jay know what that is you come in there. The coach phil. What the hell are we do. Tom starts yelling. We talked about this all week and we sucked it off right here in front of everybody. It's it's amazing. Like i'm almost dying so it was comical. Because it's so satirical that you couldn't be real But i enjoyed up there. He's a little bit different. He goes about things a different way. My dad played up with the giants when he was up there. So i kind of knew what i was getting into. I think bill told me that you're not going to be smart ass like you'd like just know what a bunch of guys that's kind of how it goes with bill He's one of the best. I'm telling you this. If you're a pats fan they'll be better this year. They're going to be a team or more. No challenge buffalo bill. Belichick is too smart pointing poorly again. Speaking of another famous bill you played for bill ourselves. You were drafted by bill parcells. What was he like is he. Your dad played for him as well. So you knew going into it. But it wasn't what you expected. Yeah you know. It's amazing is bill. Belichick schematic guy. He's not great on the personal relationships. As you can imagine. Not like the most touchy feely. Warm guy in the world But when you think about parcells everybody looks at him like this evil guy tough tarred to handle. He is one of the greatest guys dealing with relationships and being able to motivate players that you're ever going to find and two quick stories on the late great cherry glen haege a highest state. Belinda cough winter. He's like in his twelfth year in dallas on down there and we're planning in the playoffs and he comes in and terri would get there you you guys all know we're supposed to be there. You know ninety minutes before the game or two hours. Whatever it is terry would show up like forty five minutes before the game. I'm not kidding you like in street. Clothes get taped up. Throw a stuff on. Just walk out there. And so in his locker bill had gotten thing buckeye leaves and puts it on. There's aj's lost interest already on there and he's like hey and on digital blocker says ernie's tonight so terry is being terry doesn't care about getting fine tells us bucket. Leaves off like slaps on the back of the great game. You know and it's like that that's the kind of stuff he does. And i think that was like the last game and then my rookie. Year of playoffs seattle infamous romo snap game and were sending there in the tunnel and i'm right beside him getting ready to run out and this is carl. Bill knew everybody find out. What exactly makes you tick and you looks over at me. Ready to go ready to go play. Offs right is overby and stares back at me. Your dad used to play games like this. And i kind of look away. Look back and he'd just walked off like okay. Thanks for giving me that. The chew on here for the next sixty minutes but he knew like he knew that i'd get ju- stop and get me going like inside. So that's that's the type of stuff that he would find ways for every guy to like just needle. You're just enough to bring your where you can really play your best. What an incredible motivator when redrafted. Where were you drafted at. What was the number. Two thousand six i think pick eighteen. I wanna to say that was so. Aj one five overall. You want eighteen now. Slagelse being tasked with building the jacksonville. Jaguars down there. Are you guys. The most legendary linebacker core history college both famous maybe infamous cover the usa today sports section. So i got that like my mom's guide frames hanging in her house. But we we had a good crewman. Aj and i are probably the two famous to mean.

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