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Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens powered by TempStar and customer with traffic. You can trust. I'm Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten w. TV an. Ninety nine for an overnight low tonight snow moving in about three o'clock in the morning and continuing into the morning commute during the commute that starts to transition into some rain rain snow mix, then it's rain in the afternoon with a high forty six days the weather powered by the basement, doctor it's thirty one in grove port. Thirty one degrees at your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN around two hundred million Americans are in the path of a powerful. Winter storm over the next two to three days, it'll bring heavy snow driving rain and even some ice to parts of thirty nine of the lower forty eight states, including every state east of the Mississippi River, they snow is expected to move into our area overnight. Odom says give yourself extra time for your morning commute. And give those plow trucks, plenty of room to work with demanded that they give us our money back. Ohio attorney general Davis said today, he initiated the first apps in an effort to recover overcharges to the state for the cost of prescription drugs that were negotiated by pharmacy benefit. Managers made fifteen million dollars. And I don't know what there is to mediate. They broke contract. They took our money. I want it back. He's going after the private companies they contract with state agencies such as the bureau of worker's compensation as well. As Medicaid a Delaware County man convicted of raping his two stepchildren was handed a prison sentence of twenty five years to life today. Forty two year old David Morris pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and two counts of gross sexual imposition against his eleven and twelve year old step children and police began ticketing short north parking violations. Today is grace period is over you're paying hourly. You'll need to move your car.

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