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Welcome to Spies of London. This episode is a book review of the illegal by Gordon Carrera from the BBC the hunt for a Russian spy on a post-war London and it's about the Spy Gordon Lonsdale Gordon. Lonsdale was a Canadian man who came to Britain by ship. He told everyone had been born on the 27th of August 1924 in Ontario Canada in reality. He was Conan meladi born in Moscow. Now, I've come across God in Lonsdale many times. He was easily one of the best and most Professional Russian spies operating in Britain at any time. He was known to me because he was involved in a prisoner swap without wanting to give you too many spoilers as he was highly valued by the KGB and he met George Blake in Moscow and George Blake & Garden Lonsdale were betrayed by the song. So some people suggest that if they hadn't been portrayed particular Lonsdale might never have been discovered by the time he was discovered clearly his super deep secret undercover of work which involved him taking on this Canadian identity living in Britain away from his young family was taking its toll and more than that as with so many of the best writers when Lonsdale go back to Moscow. He started to compare it to what he'd seen in the west and realized that the West Was better. I was richer more exciting more interesting more. Make more fun and he had serious alcohol problems, but there were a few details about Lonsdale which intrigued me and I have to say I thought God unless there was a man name

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