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And you were talking about how you were dating and these app and i'm dating now and these apps they don't give you a clue that somebody's crazy and a big reason this this autocorrect right there like meant to sail kill you but i guess it changes to eat with you and okay i'll stick with that but now you have sworn off dating yeah i don't i'm just i'm done i'm frustrated i caught clementi and los angeles in a matt how long ago i think like to go at this point very because like i'm selective about who i dated it's like i picked dude with how do you have a phd but you don't know that you have an st like how is that but i feel like that could happen to phd or till waiter or to a clearer should be smart enough to figure out the when when did you know you caught it right away literally two weeks after so maybe he didn't know until but i call to tell him to be like you got to i don't know where this came from i think may have been you but i'm not blaming you and he was like oh it's no big deal and like all this pitch cave in to me was way too because i would want i would want you to feel like it's no big deal because you told me it was clemencia and i'd be like okay that could be like i would want to stay calm for you and for me and he click away he was but i feel like he was to comp said clun he said media.

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