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When I was in middle school, we'll actually one thing you need to know about me is that I can't eat chocolate now that I don't want to. I really actually want to chocolate. I just can't. I'm what you call a super taster. So for me, a Regula chocolate coffee, all that kind of stuff. He's extremely bitter to me. So I I can't eat it Trump what chocolate love. Cousin. So what I would do by sister and I would go trick or treating and we'd take all the candies together and then I would create chocolate creations out of them. Then I'd bring them to my friends at school and they liked it. So I was like, well, if you like it, then you're probably going to buy it. So then packaging them charging them twenty five cents for three little balls and then went crazy for it. So then our value packs adding cookies and rocky road bars and stuff. And I had my first business partner in middle school in high school. All the other middle schools had heard about it apparently. And so everyone was like, oh, you're, you're Cassie, the cookie girl, right? And Yep, that's me. And then so I carry this huge bag with me to school every single day. And then some kids were so addicted. I mean, obviously with sugar that they're like, Cassie, please let me sell for you. So student poise under me selling. So we had this massive thing going across campus drug dealer, exactly. Drug dealer. Imagine being in Spanish class and people like underneath table. Like going like this. That's how it was passed. Fifteen hands getting record. Oh yeah. But a cream cookie sandwiches in Evanston. Chocolate chip anything sugar snicker do still Maytham. I don't need some of those right now. What we should do that. So the crazy thing is that it got so big that school had to shut me down. They got in trouble. Oh yeah, for sure. But that story got me the full right scholarship to college. So paying off. So. Yeah, comfortable ride scholarship? Yeah, dream. Well, we're happy with them. They were happy with that, but they can always find something wrong with the always judging you, is it cool that your childhood dream was to be in fashion, right? Fascism. Now you have a fitness fashion line. Isn't that right? That is so cool. Like you're feeling this childhood dream and.

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