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The last time I saw hard weeks after that walked twelve year old Janelle disappear following this Christmas choir concert I remember them searching for her nearly thirty five years would pass before June now was finally found her remains were discovered at this oil construction site more than twenty miles from her old home I just feel bad thank how could somebody do something like that to a child and then you think do we know that person was a person somebody in our neighborhood Greenlee police are staying tight lipped about the ongoing investigation Shelly is hopeful this bring some closure for generals family and the community but I think now everybody wants answers why who they want justice done CBS force Kelly worth men reporting we'll talk about a heavy hand by a school district after some parents didn't pay their kill kids lunch bills imagine getting a letter that said if you didn't pay your kids pass do lunch bill your kid might be put into foster care but they did the Wyoming valley west school district in Lucerne county Pennsylvania I think they should apologize to everybody I think they made us all look real bad Shelley cousin who got one of those letters when local businessman Todd Carmichael heard about it he offered to foot the bill for all the parents who twenty two thousand dollars like to get a poor kid I lost my dad when I was very young I don't want that for anybody every ten bomb lives in the next town over it's the right thing to do was pretty awful sending that letter the war was further criticize though when it turned down Carmichael's offer Shelley cousin says that doesn't make any sense to him what he did and I don't know that was just plain ridiculous it's all been resolved though when the affected kids head back to Wyoming valley west in the fall it's expected they won't know anything for their past school lunches the school district is taken care of it and the kids will still be safe with their parents Sherri prestin ABC news sounds like a perfect resolution to that story five forty five on Colorado's.

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