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Www ovation shuffle. And we were good friends. I i remember one time probably early. Maybe two thousand five We're putting ella fudge back together. You know detroit. And i was on the phone with it. He said said you would right. You said why are you doing vanilla. Fudge fuck fat. Put this back together. So but you don't have to happen. And that's why. I was staying at high pulled apart. You almost like a musical chemist as grading at the elements and putting them together winning. When is this show on on my My website just zappa dot com and shadow. Yes available there. We've it's actually a A bundled package because you can. You can check it out different ways. You can either go episode by episode or we did something where you can hear the episodes. That only pertain to the first six records. So we call that the early years now and then you have the next group which becomes the era. Was sammy and gary sharon. And then dave's back so we have one version. We get just the the right here right now. Which is the Sammy hagar gary era. And then you have the fifty one fifty package which has all the episodes but the whole thing is is done in a way where. It's all a purchaseable product in bundles. Or you can go episode by episode. It's really really sad to see it really is. It's very interesting kofi when you when you play up there and he got the music cream and i know you've you've committed to carrying on your dad's legacy mayor affect you kind of told them committed for that that you keep his legacy going but we all know that that ginger probably never played the song the same way twice to tell me you know. It'd be pissed off if he plays way twice so it was like that was the thing about him was always played. Elusive feis improvisation. That's came from the jazz thing. That's that whole era was all improvised. Price value proposition bras. Ation right anyways to vessel. That's what we played today. When i play like that still and when we have to do a video i don't know what the hell i played too. I can't copy myself it off. You see my dad said bad things about everybody except with zappa. I remember when i was a kid. My mom had hot. Lattes thing and my dad told it was great. So i mean that pissed off everybody except zappa and that's the funny part. Though was that jack. Bruce played on the postal apostrophe but then he went on to say not nice things about my so go figure. Well there you go into that kind of music. So i think that's what my mom did nike. My mom's too. I want to listen to talk for guide. You kofi when you're playing since his was so improvisational so you've gotta you've got challenge of trying to be improvisational yet. Emulating the music at cream just drugs. You're lying down drugs. Remember i have to tell people. I do so that they think communist ginger baker potential in to the legacy legacy. I mean i just i mean i've done fusion my whole life i got into. I was into zappa. When i was a kid. That was what i was listening to. I was just apostrophe vinnie and bosio and those are the dramas like man. That's what i wanna do. I wasn't this cream. I didn't want to listen to my dad's music. I was always into fusion. So i play fusion my whole life which allowed me to get nowhere. He got ya indiana. I even went to the zilja thing. And it was jason. Bottom zach starsky to drama fame. Bigger what about being from so to say you play the hell play long so off..

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