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Hello i'm marion marshall with the bbc news malaysian police have arrested the country's former prime minister najib razak in connection with the disappearance of billions of dollars from government investment fund he was taken away from his home in a convoy of unmarked cars and be officially charged on wednesday our asia pacific editor celia hatton tells us more suspicions have swirled around malaysia state investment fund for years the prime minister at the time nejib razek created the fund amid great fanfare it was supposed to finance projects for public benefit instead around four point five billion dollars have disappeared from the fund we mr razzaq was in power the dan attorney general cleared him of any wrongdoing over the scandal but then a new coalition won a surprise election and the former leader was barred from foreign travel his homes were raided and now he faces charges rescues in thailand considering several options as they decide how best to get to safety a group of boys trapped in a flooded cave network officials say the threat of heavy rain could see water levels in the cave rise this could threaten the air pockets where twelve teenagers and their football coach found refuge jonathan head is at the scene after the seemingly miraculous discovery now the difficult rescue to military medics with diving skills have got through to the stranded boys to treat them none is believed to be in a serious condition they've been given highprotein gels to help them recover from ten days without food but there is no clear way to get them out the divers are preparing to take in supplies to their cave to last up to four months bringing boys with no diving experience through the flooded tunnels would be extremely challenging the iranian president said oil exports across the middle east maybe threatened if america continues to ask its allies to cut all imports of oil from iran president hassan rohani said united states could not completely stop iranian oil from being exported without also triggering a halt in supplies from other gal's produces shares of the android swiss mining conglomerate glencore fallen sharply after the us justice department subpoenaed the company as part of an investigation into corruption and money laundering here's ciera glencore is a major exporter of crude oil from venezuela and nigeria it's also the world's largest producer of cobalt with much of it coming from the democratic republic of congo the company says it's received a subpoena from the us department of justice regarding its business in all three countries it's been ordered to produce documents and other records relating to its compliance with the us foreign corrupt practices act and other anti money laundering legislation the act forbids companies from bribing overseas officials in order to win business glencore says it's reviewing the request you're listening to the latest world news from the bbc this is wnyc in new york at nine oh four good morning i'm kerry nolan a final look at your commute this morning four and five trains are delayed due to mechanical problems at borough hall and new jersey transit is continuing to report delays on the raritan valley and main bergen and port jervis lines brooklyn postal workers are in the hot seat after a local community board member call them out for misusing parking placards the brooklyn paper reports that employers at the park slope post office on ninth street are losing their placards after being accused of misusing them to avoid paying parking meters eric mcclure cochairs community board six is transportation committee he says he's surprised that the post office moved so fast to address the issue placards were clearly for some purpose other than just providing free park employees who drifted to work so the fact that the postal service would be willing to act on that very quickly it was pretty refreshing the brooklyn paper reports the placards are intended only for managers attending meetings a postal service spokesperson says it does not sanction you using or distributing unauthorized parking placards a new york federal judge is set to hear arguments in a lawsuit challenging the trump administration's proposal to add a citizenship question in the twenty twenty census the judge will also determine whether to direct the white house to release documents detailing commerce secretary wilbur ross's efforts to add the question the.

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