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It's a disgrace. What happens with the ninth circuit? We will win that case in the supreme court Johnson points out that in order to win in the supreme court. Hell I have to go to the ninth circuit court of appeals Johnson does not think. Trump will prevail in the end, despite the fact that Trump did when his supreme court appeal of the Muslim travel ban in this instance, where the statutory language on asylum is so clear, it seems like it would be hard for the supreme court to ignore the law passed by congress. You know, this is a case like the Muslim travel ban where he relied on on a congressional statute took an action and based on national security, and it was held by the supreme court here. He's trying to limit asylum-seekers, contrary to an act of congress, and I don't think that's gonna fly with either the ninth circuit or the US supreme court Johnson thinks it's likely the temporary restraining order will be replaced by a longer term preliminary injunction catch tiger has set the next hearing in the case for December nineteenth reporting. Pacifica radio news KPFA. I'm christopher. Martinez today marks world children's day human rights groups, like Amnesty International and the American immigration lawyers association or calling on the Trump administration to release the hundreds of detained immigrant children and their families as they pursue asylum. Claims many are in prolonged detention and Dilley, Texas and are fleeing violence, and I'll Salvador Guatemala and Honduras. Amnesty International is also calling on the Trump administration to end its plan of expanding family detention centers. Police say moments before her ex fiance fatally shot her in the parking lot of the hospital where she worked Chicago doctor called nine one one to report that she had spotted the man and feared for her life. As investigators try to piece together the events that ended with the deaths of the doctor a police officer a hospital employee and the gunman they were able to fill in the details about the attack at mercy hospital on the city's south side yesterday. Dr tamra O'Neill had recently called off her engagement to one Lopez. So when she saw him she called for help shells, so told an acquaintance in the parking lot that she was afraid before that person retreated into the hospital to call nine one one as well when Lopez confronted her the former couple argued about O'neil calling off the engagement and Lopez demanded that she returned the engagement ring, then police said. People inside and around the hospital heard gunfire. Dr Neil fell to the ground. As a squad. Car pulled up. Lopez turned his Glock semiautomatic handgun on police before he ran into the hospital inside he kept firing at officers. And at one point turned at fired at Dana less a first year residents in the hospital's pharmacy or the doors of the elevator. She was on opened police officers Sam well Jimenez was struck in the net just above the bullet proof vest. He was wearing as he pursued Lopez and soon died during the exchange of gunfire. Lopez was shot once in the abdomen. Police said it was then that Lopez who fired a total of more than thirty shots and had reloaded his weapon with a gun to his own head and killed himself. Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel city, Chicago.

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