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Call them in then credible social activists philanthropic ventures that he's engaged it charitable with time i've mentioned all of these things tom tom i haven't escaped anything i haven't left out anything but this same lebron james who finished with twenty three friday night seven thirteen shooting only thirteen shots yeah messed up his hand and he came to the post game podium with a cast on what was that cast in game one which is when you hurt yourself where were you in game two see when you talking about all of these different things and so i'm not talking about where were you will was the cat we was the cast in game two how about game three why do you walk up to the podium with a cast on your hand on c ladies and gentlemen if i were on tv today live from bristol connecticut in new york and espn studios you know what i would've done i would've won a cast and it would not have been to insult lebron it would have been the highlight to him how insulting he is to us that's what it would have been for me that's what it would have been for me i would have highlighted i mean i'm just looking at him excuse me for losing my train of thought i'm just saying to myself i was so flabbergasted why are you wearing a cast after game four why are you wearing a cast after you got swept and if it was hurt that bad how come we didn't see it and gave to three or four y'all really going by that bogus excuse.

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