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I'm Bob manning junior I'm CBS three, meteorologist Kate Bilo a severe thunderstorm watches in effect for the. Delaware valley through ten, o'clock tonight also a flash flood, watch and areas off to the, west that saw some heavy rain earlier in the. Week tonight mostly cloudy with. Strong to severe thunderstorms likely especially early the low seventy, two tomorrow mostly sunny and. Less humid with a high of eighty nine. I'll tell you. What to expect heading into next week when we check eyewitness weather, on KYW NewsRadio all that and more coming up after we check traffic KYW news time. Nine oh two time now to check traffic and in the traffic center here's Malcolm Poindexter thank. You, Frank we have overnight. Roadwork this is in Mt Laura to ninety five in both directions between thirty eight and one sixty. Is gonna be variously enclosure so just be mindful in that area. Can just on forty two freeway southbound between, one thirty and creek road a bit of a delay there. Speeds are. Down due to do. To the rain so just be careful congestion also seventy three northbound between mood thirty the white horse bike. And route thirty we're down to about forty miles an hour in that area. Since be careful, accident. In Malabar oh this is Brixton pike this has been all day on route seventy seven near harrisonville road be. Covered as a fuel spill it's been out there for a while and all lanes are temporary temporarily blocked seventy six. On the Phillies side slow in both directions, between Gladwin Belmar that's just queuing traffic, stay stay stay on the brakes if he can down. Tree. In Limerick this zone mimic road and greater for road that road is blocked the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center were member backing is better banking Malcolm Poindexter the third this.

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