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Ideologically yet grant ben trump he buried in a wind wet typical republican foreign policy establishment ban annan someone you really embrace the america earth more isolated a foreign policy that president trump wade out during the campaign that a lot of complications than those complicated he could get the aggravated by north korea on like the fact that eight character actor might be print fighting orderly get frank and account pulpit trump then bannon and dough kind of and who'd been twoway thing with high conflict on holding could make the situation difficult for president trump when it comes to making we're speaking with sarah westwood white house correspondent at the washington examiner how about the potential here for tough talk of north korea helping approval ratings potentially bennett a little bit of a thin kuwait to you the conflict but certainly hope the rally around the flag affect something that hit directly had occurred when president confront international cowan bate the bomb konare approval rating president trump i won when he authorized them mikko dragon area on april out there president notably president george w bush had ignificant game in their approval rating when they you authorized an carry out military action because boater eat them then it their commander in chief and turmoil and on thirty voters have attended eat hugh rally around the president pregnant approval rating that you know are kind of a bit more right now no batted wind potential odd tied to the other buried dreary that wait ten up the white house could be looking forward to doing sarah sarah westwood white house correspondent at the washington.

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