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Ted offensive and what his anger is about is that it is not prevailing susan in manhattan near on wnyc with lynn novik and can burn sizes susan thank you march for me i wanna thank both of you for the opportunity and i have to use the word gut wrenching literally i i it's got ranging every night and phnom been drinking here feel every night it's great to see that of north vietnam and viet cong we never had that opportunity when the war was going on in you really moving so much cruder susan thank you and this is definitely one of the most important things about the fell that's how much you tell it through the lens of the vietnamese not just the us view and just as americans were divided over the war we learned so where the vietnamese so here's an expert that begins with the narrator setting up the idea and a man named van might elliott making it personal but the country home two men hope to unite was itself bitterly divided families were being torn apart despite her father's position than the french government swung vaughn my sister felt compelled to answer holes call my older sister tung was married to a man who had great sympathy for the main and by that time which he may have evacuated his government to the mountains base so my sister and her husband tricked all the way from hanoi up to a two days in order to join the resistance against the french so the vietnam war was really a civil war down to the family level so obviously those woman said a man before the clip lynn wanna talk about that clip and put it in context yeah thank you you know it was revelatory to us to understand the dimensions of the war there and we spent a lot of time this is in there and talk to vietnamese americans in this country as well.

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