National Urban League, Marc Morial, President Trump discussed on Public Affairs - 'Infonation'


National Urban League provided the most services. Two people in a single year in our history. 110 years old. Just place in 2011 2011.10 at the height of the impact of the place is special. The one time that It's hard. Then we were on as an economic I'm joined by Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. Here on my heart radio. You can find out more about the organization at N u l dot org's talk a little bit about the impact of the pandemic on black communities across the country, communities that have been hit disproportionately hard. You know, the the impact has been in Several ways we know The health impact its death. It's meant high rates of infection disproportionately high. The blob unity. They found that Ah ah economic economic structure with unemployment levels elevate significantly. The black unemployment rate has gone up 45 45 a factor of 4 to 5. Increase almost 45 times. No. Recession associating with cold today. And, of course, Nothing. Racial justice. Uh, challenges that we face with the death of George, Florida. Unkindly and heinous murder on The outlet for the death of reality feel unjust way that the investigation Granger's been handled and installed the injury already caused. Like Cole bid. And you come. How has the pandemic changed the work that you do that your organization does. In his place greater demands on people about services and also the desire and the means for advocacy. The boy Not at the public in the legislative arena has been far greater. We've been actively involved. And pushing for those things that benefit our community in the Kobe relief packages and will continue to do so, as Congress, I believe, will consider a cobra after the election. I'm joined by Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. Here on my heart radio. The 2020 election speaking of the election, what is enthusiasm, like among black voters at the moment. Period. Black Americans on proverbial fire. Fire from the standpoint of being outraged and enraged. Latin America prepared ready the boat in record numbers, confident that in terms of when I think black bowlers recognized that 2016 was a big man. Turnout wasn't what it ought to be, and I think there's a desire, then the message on Colbert on the economy and unleash adjusted And what are some of the top issues that you're finding black Americans are very focused on in this election cycle. Criminal junkies in police. Oh, bid. Jobs in the economy, Education, health care And how is your organization assisting voters throughout the course of this election, including on Election day. We have a broad campaign called Clay. Your vote. We probably made a million phone calls. I got the combination in a million phone calls a million million emails, touching vote all across the nation, encouraging them to vote providing information to them. We've, uh I already said promoted. Five. Every voter should know. First you must register to vote Number two. You must check if all the options bring..

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