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Josh what is your Phantom five all right so we're GONNA kick this off with just indie comics in general and the reason why I've selected. That is one. We don't have to worry about continuity within Deco X. because any book it's creating its own universe so what about like the walking dead that had what three hundred ish episodes or issues that was released. I mean they create their own continuity right the the do they do so. But if you compare it to say and I'm going to reference the big to DC and marvel where there's always continuity issues across the board and you don't necessarily have to do that Just some of the books that I've been geeking out over lately Morgan's organs. Which did you ever watch the movie inside out? Yes yeah the Pixar movie about all the all the emotions. Yes so that taking that concept. Except it's the organs within Morgan. They have their own personality. Now I will note. This is not necessarily a kid from the book. While you have Brian the brain and pepe the I'll I'll just let your mind. Yeah another a couple of easy to it yes exactly yes But it's it's hilarious absolutely hilarious. You've got Franklin and ghost who you know these two characters again out so much kid-friendly one but The Creator who has created this universe. Gary Gun has these amazing characters with amazing writing and with this universe. He's also created the war war coins combat UNICORNS for higher and that's awesome combat UNICORNS for higher. I mean who doesn't want fighting UNICORNS and the fact that he's got all these books. Yeah he's he's well all these together so it's fantastic but he's kind of his own comic universe with this he has and it. It's absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing at you know. There's their studios like upshots studios. Who have just recently come out with a whole new line of books. And it's not your stereotypical Superhero Bucks. So so if somebody is used to reading the stereotypical superhero books now. What would be a good indicator comic for them to bridge them over into the world of India because Indy Comics are great? Because there's no one telling you what you can and can't have but that also means that there are things that people who've who've just read the big two publishers. Their entire lives are not going to be prepared for to see on the on the pages of their comic book. Is there something that you would recommend? Jump from Marvel and DC. I mean one of the big ones just comes to mind spun off yeah the Todd McFarlane Yep which his kickstarter I don't know if you've noticed He's doing a kickstarter right. Now for the seven inch figure like our revised version of what he made back in ninety five in the first two days made over a million dollars on kickstarter. It's kind of Nice to have the celebrity that todd McFarlane has to promote things like that. Yeah well instead of going to retailers for this he's making this specifically for the consumer so some years ago I was able to ask Stan Lee in. He would work with a modern artist. What artist would he want to write the story for Spiderman for asked Specifically Spiderman? Because that's right right now and his response was todd McFarlane so so I mean yeah it was a Stanley Todd McFarlane story would probably be kinda crazy but the yeah but I mean just those sorts of things but I guess going back to the question on a bloodshot by which I mean. They're just released. The movie with Vin diesel playing and because of the current cove nineteen lockdown. They made it available online. So the studio upshot. They put all their comics online They've got one where it's called the resistance which really made things real because a virus play the earth and out of it came people with superpowers. Signed me in little ironic. Well are you saying that? Are you breaking some news here? That people are getting superpowers from this. I'm guessing not but I can neither confirm nor deny this all

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