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Donaldson doubled Hamilton page ran more take it struck out to the school board on an edge of reduced like out McCain intensively walk to get this once in who delivers an RB I came time double Paul has seen a lot of pros Martinez whose car was a one time was the ace of the cards that it just popped up walked the face down the right field line first baseman Goldschmidt all the way over to the side wall and that's about seven rows deep foul ball nothing into it had nothing to do with the past success of Brian McCann against Carlos Martinez because there was only one at bat to go all right it had everything to do with the PS you OPS for right handed hitters over a hundred points lower than that of left handed we set up the righty righty matchups once and had never had a hit against Martinez and delivered with a rocket to tie the game he's it's second Ortega third two outs top of the night tied at one nothing into one do wall right he on writing the pitch for Martinez flare into center field coming on in the late innings and the Braves.

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