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Of covert nineteen in the state though there are now three people under investigation for possible infection the health department has a new website for answers that's Kuroda virus DOT Ohio dot gov I'm Jacque Crumley employers added two hundred and seventy three thousand jobs in the U. S. in February indicating the economy was in good shape just before the corona virus started to hit the nation that number from the labor department also says the unemployment rate fell to three point five percent actor mark Wahlberg and his business partners are looking at adding a second car dealership to Columbus's west side the J. field men and mark Wahlberg groups say they are looking at a joint venture with Christopher Hey to see whose family has run G. and dealerships near west Broad Street and George's ville road since nineteen fifty four Walberg and its partners purchased the former Bobby layman Chevrolet dealership in twenty eighteen the owner of Nancy's home cooking says he's moving the iconic restaurant from Clintonville to downtown Columbus Richard Han confirm that Nancy's would be serving a full menu at its north High Street location for the final time today before they close to prepare for a move to their larger space downtown and a reminder Sunday marks the beginning of daylight saving time at two AM eastern on March eighth everyone will need to turn their clocks forward third one hour to reflect the new time however residents in Arizona Hawaii and many of the U. S. territories do not practice daylight saving time and so this will not affect them I'm Alison why into your A. B. C. six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds the scope in nineteen you can visit the centers for disease control website at CDC dot gov to get all the latest information the CDC is our nation's health protection agency in works twenty four seven to fight disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same I used to think that all diet and.

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