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Accident at Arapahoe eastbound right around Parker road so watch for delays there but other than that you're looking real good I'm Darren Copeland on KOAA news radio live everywhere on the I heart radio app fox thirty one pinpoint whether it's partly cloudy right now in seventy nine degrees warm partly cloudy tonight low down about fifty six it'll be sunshine tomorrow and a high temperature near eighty one degrees our top story I can't wait newsradio bill signed by governor Poloz today will allocate five hundred thousand dollars tell food pantries that have seen a huge increase in demand as Corbett nineteen job losses have mounted state senator Tammy story says the food pantries have been stressed their needs are three to six times the number of participants in people seeking food assistance at this time compared to what used to be somewhat normal Sunder the bill pantries sweet partner with Colorado farmers to provide healthy food choices to those in need more than fifteen million dollars in federal cares act money will be spent to bolster mental health services in Colorado governor Poloz signing a bill today representative Jay was one of the sponsors of the bill nineteen may not make all of us physically ill but every single one of us will have a mental health impact in one way or another from this disease the demand on mental health services has increased as people have lost their jobs during the call but nineteen pandemic many are struggling with depression and suicides have been on the rise a suspect in a robbery and carjacking has been shot dead by Denver and Aurora police the robbery took place this morning you're forty eight then chambers and please follow the hijack Carter thirty fifth in Abilene the armed suspect exited the car and refused police's orders to drop his weapon at some point six officers made the decision to shoot the suspect I suspect is deceased that's a roar spokesperson Kristen McCoy the shooting is now under investigation and starting today Jefferson and.

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