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With American rural communities. And today's part of my take. We get to the bottom of. Mystery behind Chinese seeds. Will be unveiled next week and Billy football returns from his vacation it because he knows the mystery and we don't. On part my take. We'll find out on Sunday and he's GonNa have no, he's not He's just what I thought. He goes already talked about that billy planted the seeds and then just doused with steroids. Yes. Yes. Grow Super Super Pompa make these seeds extra h h All right. So his sheet though he did give us a sheet Jake Paul got rated he's on steroids by. The FBI. Now what happened? No, he showed a gun hid guns. What does that had like guns like? Somebody had like a helicopter or something like overs housing's had like guns like. Like chilling out in the backyard. So we're not even like they were just obviously like guns range guns in his backyard. When you I think you get to a point of wealth that you just run out of things that you can buy your like now I'm GonNa buy a Shitload of gun. They're easily storable. You can hang on the wall there almost artwork, and then when you buy a bunch of guns, you're like, well, someone might steal my guns need more gun. Yeah. When flocked like. Those areas house like half of this. House has just guns because he's got to protect his gun. Yeah. He has the smaller guns upfront as you go through the house. Yeah I think you're actually right. The more rooms you go through the bigger they get right scillies just got like an atom bomb basement. Self filling prophecy you just need to keep buying guns until you have so many guns guns can never be touched. Also, I think when you're as universally hated as Jake Paul, you probably have people WanNa kill you do we hate Jake Paul or is it logo? We like Logan right low gang. Bangers both of them. Yeah. Why? They're just. Thing. Yeah. Yeah. That was logan was a suicide for us. So I thought that was jake is the gun guy I thought Jake was in the suicide for God okay. Yeah. So we disavow the brothers Yes, disavow all Paul Brothers, and then also I saw as. Again went after Swisher I fucking lavas again, he he needs to I wish he was managing somewhere but that guy, he will always speak his mind. He's fucking hilarious I should he had podcast with J. Maryadi actually forget what he paid. She would he's fine on his own doing his own show. Yes. Just having those who go back and forth Bela he should actually do a podcast with radio legend from Chicago Mike, North to they had many run INS that would be they would just oil and water That's about it called j the hard effort. Yes. Hard F-. Yes. Let's see Clemson was named number one rend. Your friend are my buddy. Good friends. So what this actually is bad for Clemson because like ninety percent of Abbas motivational skills come from saying nobody respects. Yes. They're not. They're not unanimous. No. So not getting enough respect for Clemson ticked off the box while beavers and England's. Win Right to remain. Run. Out of things, River Otter, Isis, the animal planet portion I agree that there should not be beavers an otter river. Yeah. Business Yeah exactly that's not your rivers stick to your own. Alright. So let's finish up fire fest. Let's finish up with fire fest. We have a great weekend coming up. There's PJ championship all the sports are back. So. excited. Brooks. We even mentioned Brooks Brooks tied for second to if. I'm not going to say I don't want to jinx sailing. If Brooks wins the of legislature, you'll be sweet because I put in a bet by the way legend for life too. So bubba is actually a sneaky gambling guru. I. Don't know if he knows anything about the sports that we've been winning on this I've been asking him for his advice picks and as a unit mean Bubba are six or seven in her last seven. This is also we were heavily leveraged on Brooks to win PG. Lock. Ride them ride. Oh I, remember the first time. One of the first times you ever bet horses at Joe's on We'd when we sat down and we hit like a Trifecta yeah, that was. My first race I think yeah and I was like, yeah, let's bet this and then we hit it for two hundred bucks like is it always this easy? nope. Yeah. I don't think I've won a horse race since then. So yes. Right him. Okay. We'll give you bubble. All right. Let's tank I've a bunch of a bunch. Good. All right. Well, let me take off my shoes. Okay. My first one speaking of vacations you know I don't really take any some inexperienced and kind of the whole like how how to figure this right now is is your vacation you realize that your job is to be on vacation and right now your work is to be on a beach somewhere and your actual vacations behind that microphone I like that. All right. So I was trying to go back to work my family had a trip planned I for some reason I was always under the impression it was the first week of August it's on, it's on block and I booked a block island. Yep. In Block island booked a a rental car. Ticket and then there was a big storm coming and I was like texting my parents like I'm GonNa come actually Thursday morning not Wednesday night and they're like, well, we're not going to be there till next week. So I just had the completely wrong week. But I put all the things fourth scheduled you know I got the time off from work luckily, the that got approved by you guys And I was just completely off in the week. Yeah. So how much how much money did you lose on that? Do you.

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