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Burning to foil a reward is offered for information leading to the expressway shooter responsible for badly wounding an infant. On the south side. This is Mike Krauser. The Berghoff decides to close temporarily a month after reopening Democrats and Republicans battle over the next round of Corona virus. A more on the way in the CBS World News Round up Wcbm business. SNP futures down 13 points. NASDAQ futures down 51 points. We have sunshine in store for your entire Tuesday as we head to our high of 89 degrees. Now the CBS World News Round up It's seven o'clock. Extending relief benefits When you pay people not to work. What do you expect? GOP vs Democrats clearly do not have shared values paying tribute at the Capitol. John Lewis literally took the punch is for us all. Good morning. I'm Steve K Thin, with the CBS World News Round up tens of millions of Americans sent reeling by the Corona virus pandemic and its economic aftershocks. Can only watches Congress battles over the next round of relief money as we hear from CBS is Paula read, Democrats and Republicans appear to be far apart the economic pain It's not. Senate Republicans made an opening offer to Democrats last night. Health, Economic Assistance liability protection. In school. The plan protects employers from being sued over Kobe transmission and extends some jobless benefits like this $600 weekly benefit that is set to expire. But Republicans want to reduce the benefit to 70 to 75% of the wages a person made before Cove it a Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, blasted the plan Administration has bungled this crisis. And now they want to take $1600 out of your pocket every single month. National correspondent David Beg No tells us for many people Federal help can't come soon enough. People are very scared right now. Adrian Gonzalez says he doesn't know what his employees will do if his restaurant is forced to close. He's already reduced the staff of 17 to just four and on the West Coast. A similar story for Marty Caballero, who owns a Portland barbershop. He says he and many people he knows need the extra $600 that they've been getting from the federal government. What happens when they shut us down again? And no one can pay their bills at all? Listen to what Dr Deborah Birks of the White House Corona Virus task force. We can see what is happening in the South moving north. There are states that do need to close their bars. One of those This is Tennessee and Dr Burke's met with the governor Billy,.

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