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For over years. The average soared one record high to another we've been bombarded by relentless ways of naked. Tiffany some beautiful bull market. Never ever seems to get the benefit of the doubt pretty much the whole way up. We've heard narrow questions like what keeps you up at. Not what are you really concerned about commentators. Just what the parade of horrible and then muse. about which ones you think are most damaging idea. Let's change it up but take a page from apple and think different what rather than obsessing over what could go wrong. We spend some time thinking about what could go right. Let's put the downside risk to the side and focus on the upside rhys. They'll see this. In research sometimes say an analyst downgrade something and then listing to potentially go wrong with a pessimistic forecasts the upside risks. Take dishes come. They do it all the time. So bizarre nearly nonstop rally. What's keeping the bears up at night. I could continue to be very strong. We'll coming to an end of remarkable. You can only conclude that most executives has done a great job of cope with anything it gets swollen quitting bruce supply and demand chain issues that delta strain that is by the way the drama to string from healthcare to semi to industrial to the banks. Mostly does i looked better than expected. Even the market hasn't always appreciated that strength. Second thing making it impossible for the bears sleepeasy. They're worried that the federal reserve to keep interest rates low because the latest cova flare up is decimating. The largely non unionized manufacturing workforce in the south. They're just too many businesses being hurt by the virus especially small businesses. Which makes it much less likely to febblue even talk about hitting the brakes economy instantly like some people say they will doesn't matter got a with some number on friday when we're seeing over one hundred thousand new cases of cove per day. I don't you have to err on the side of keep things easy. Third upside risk. There's four trillion dollars in the sidelines. Now we thought was only three trade but then we learned about criminal trillion dollars sitting money funds. They can't really stay there because he shriveled so paltry especially compared to high quality dividend stocks fourth the private equity firms. Don't talk about enough like black. So mckay or they may have as much as a trillion dollars. Desperately need to put the work to justify their existence with private equity. They have no choice. These funds have expiration dates. Usually around ten years. They can't afford to leave the catchline around if we get a wave of leverage biles could offset the slowdown and takeovers percy. The justice department's tougher attitude toward antitrust will look out. Oh and i'm not even counting on that might ending wanting to make up a lot of stuff socially how well. They're doing fifth upside risk. You could get mean hey. Md have been stuck in the mud for ages waiting for that zylicz acquisition close. But there's substantial short position here so the memes you're struck and they bought up. Amd hand over fist. You never know where they're going to strike next. Oh by the way tomorrow morning on squawk on the street. Love the ceo of memes supreme amc. Adam areas our guests. So you won't want to miss that means stock rallies. We never know six washing comedies. Making progress on a big infrastructure package and the white house just extended the moratorium on fictions through or school early october. That means rental property owners get less cash but the people who.

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