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Him in, Volusia county sergeant Kim Montas telling, us it happened around five. O'clock, this morning near orange city really looking for anybody who knows of. Somebody who has a golden Chevy suburban and maybe, that vehicle now has front damaged. Or now that vehicles not in their neighbors yard a witness told troopers, that a woman in a woman got, out and checked on the man before getting back into the vehicle and driving off Sanford police are looking for thieves caught on. Camera stealing, more than two thousand dollars worth. Of the Quila from Sam's Club say the thieves walked away with seventy Two bottles of patrol last Friday photos of. The suspects can be seen in surveillance footage posted to the Sanford police Facebook page you can check. Out those photos by topping the news story in the news ninety six point five WDBO app cop killer Markeith Loyd who is also accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend appearing, in court today the fence accusing prosecutors, of trying to. Rush the trial because of an executive order that removes, state attorney Aramis Ayala from a, from death penalty cases that ends in March today's hearing was for Loyd's upcoming murder trial of his ex girlfriend and the couple's unborn child he will stand trial separately for killing Orlando police Lieutenant Debra Clayton meanwhile attorneys are due back, in court next week well we are now less than two days away from the beginning of Florida's back to school sales tax holiday weekend you know the drill no sales tax for certain school supplies selling for fifteen dollars or less per item no sales tax on clothing shoes and certain accessories selling for sixty bucks or less I asked some folks, around the office, who have children if they're going to be out this weekend this woman's. Definitely in and they go through close Sneakers.

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