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It was the luckiest thing I've seen in a really long time. But you know not good kind of interesting. It was originally thought to remain. The original. Yeah, the one just to be convinced David Carradine on or is it a kerosene? David Carey And but Sylvester stallone plays the baby face, so David carrying plays the anti hero and and semesters. Stallone plays the the baby face. Good guy inside the world. Who's rally, so the setup is? People have to there's there's a race every year and the people make the raise. They have to get points by killing pedestrians. People walking right. There's a budget icky horrible stuff goes with that. So carrying plays like the heavy use been maimed and injured, but has managed to win three times or something and sly stallone plays the always second-place face, good guy to David Carradine's bad guy, and it is it is it is exploitative and Schlocky and horrifying, but I'm glad I watched it so corman. It's Gorman. It is I. Think maybe the most Corman. I don't know for sure. Begin carrying of course famously took the role income. Fu that bruce leak created as a series and ESPN put out a two hour Bruce Lee documentary called me water over the weekend, which is really worth watching what in Crow? Being very young, it's one of those like Bruce. Louis forget how short of a career he actually had an America because it's so many in Hong Kong, and you pass away before enter. The dragon actually came out So that was part of the you know the legend but there's so much we we've seen all. All the footage you see, the screen tests the famous Green Hornet screen. Tests all. He had done but they even so they found some really old archival footage of his first few movies in Hong Kong solace. That's definitely while recommended criterion speaking of that. They just put out a pack of Jackie Chan movies. Going from like his old like late seventies stuff the hyena movies to ends with police story. Police Story to has also been releasing films by African. American directors for four free. Yes, yes. As part of the contributing to the National Discussion and You know everybody doing their part in those little little gestures a lot. Yeah, and then the other recommendation I wanNA give is finding the Amazon. Prime has just a wealth of documentaries that are like these kind of some are high quality summer, the more kickstarter like documentaries. One last night. Yes, this one's called waves. It is super high quality. It's directed by. A woman who's the professor of sound at USC I wanNA say but it basically is a history of sound films starting with the jazz singer time you heard. Talkie all the way to the creation of Dolby with you know apocalypse now and really profiles. Walter Merch and Ben Burtt. From how exciting! How? Rights from of traffic park and Pixar fame their careers, and basically they all came from that same school of like Walter Merch with Lucas, and for Coppola and an Ben Burtt was hired for Star Wars because Alzheimer's wasn't available, and Gary is from was hired for for Pixar because Ben Burtt wasn't available how they're all. Sound designers and sound editors yeah, but the whole spectrum of no fully to special effects audio dialogues eighty are. All that stuff? I've been watching a ton of videos online of this old Tony. WHO's a youtube maker very entertaining, very unassuming with some lots of really great. Great. Great Shop. Advice and actual execution of said shop advice been all the machine tools for me. That's I can't stop watching videos of machine tool operation. and I know that speaking of Youtube. Shoe shop work. We're doing Ortiz a collaboration. That's coming up in the coming months. with Andrew Kline whose who reached out to you after a livestream at their acuity a? Working with you on a workbench. Yes, someone was asking me about my bench, and I did a I talked about the bench, and I talked about making one and talked about various options that I understood I needed. Something and Andrew reached out and said I make these benches. Familiar with his vices, which are use a very have plex front with visible gears and two speeds for operating the so that you can operate fast for opening quickly and slow and there's. Some really cool linkages in there and Azru is in the middle of. Making me a workbench, and the the would for this workbench is monolithic. Actually it it it. It looks like it's GonNa be to giant slabs of Monolithic would boards. The whole thing is documenting. Include some links because he's doing like he does a lot of digital work just plans and stuff, and so we're watching it. Come together through Youtube and eventually get to the cave this you're thinking. Adam is going to be take the place of that primarily pencil. You have your lights attached to it is yes, it will live there. It will not roll. Because I have learned the limits of making things roll. I understand that current bench is cobbled beautiful. It's so beautiful, but like the amount of kind of things have been bootstrap to it from pastors to slam sin and lights. Off Big huge that. Enough it also turns out that my grandfather, who was a maker of my grandfather, was a surgeon who had home shop and did a lot of his own repair, and actually my grandfather, my grandfather had..

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