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Say. Yes. Yeah I don't know just like. I think he does good. Things or maybe interesting things yeah I guess it is causing me to reflect on just like mumble core as a whole. Right it's like what. What did that, do they? Yeah. What did we get from it? I mean it just felt. Different. In a way I mean it just felt like to me feels like to me. Like this extension of A different extension of privilege like not only. Is it a privilege to be able to have stories about everything? Like about being space or Or. Your, Yet so so, that was like not only. Can you have these stories about like all these big things, but you can have about nothing. As well. Yeah I mean. I don't know I feel like also like that's. The thing is like mumble core films I've personally so few of them. Do I actually feel like. I've enjoyed or like to me. Yeah, but the films. that. Inspired, mumble core may be. Like girlfriends. Or Sex lies and videotape or clerks or slacker like. Those I really enjoy right. That sounds to me where it's like. It's like to be like inspired by the same things. I'm sure there are pupil who were like you know probably the same age as you're like Schwammberger near do pauses, or whatever who just like weren't white men who were also inspired by clerks, also inspired by slacker, just like didn't know people who had like one hundred thousand dollars to right. I mean like I love Andrew. Just Sumo, who's like a Nigerian photographer and director and he did this film mother of George that. Is just. Yeah to me also feels like. Kind of Like an interesting like offshoot of mumble like of. Mumble core, but is like just set in like very very firmly rooted in like the Nigerian immigrant story, and that's the other thing. Is that like I'm sure someone listening will be like. They're actually missing like these movies, but it's like. That sure that's great, but also those kinds of movies aren't classified under mumble court like mumble for like implicitly. Yes, White Viking. Just kind of like how it is, and if it's like, if like a black prison made it the again, they'd be like. Oh, it's A. it's a black Noah Baumbach. It wouldn't be like. Noah Baumbach. What people don't really compare him to anyone ray? He's not like. It like if anyone, it's wit silman, but that was like five years before he was working. That's not as A movement instead of being like this is a one to one comparison and the only difference race. Yeah! Damn. That's real. That's real it is. Yeah, I mean I. Don't know it's like I feel like. Even like Wyatt's. Like buried Jenkins and all these who like you're not totally aging, but like yeah like this. There's a generation of like black. Tours. Like medicine for melancholy. Just like you know is definitely like that's like close close. It is just like people like walking around right, but there probably is some sort of sort of sort of like. If you looked it up some article, you know that Slake Barry Jenkins the black. Book or whatever taking a stab at this it's like. That's why I think we've done. We find ourselves like forced to like. Make these own. Like are like yeah, we just have to keep making work for ourselves Kogo. Nobody's got like I don't know as I. It's like you have to make if you want to like. I don't know it feels like why people either have to make lake. Edano like. Just, you know you're like. like the best man or whatever or you have to make like completely singular works like you have to know like kind of middle ground writings, and and then we also. Be like that's like the sign that we did it, yes. And like or like only recently are like. Do we have like Black Panther or creed, or these birds super high budget high grossing. Like And I'm sure like to some extent, also just thinking about the making space I'm sure like you know Andrew but. Like you know Joe Swartberg, and all these guys were like. We have to make space for ourselves because if you are. Like us you can like. They want us to make these big showy movie. Sweeping drop dramas and we don't want to. We WanNA do these intimate. Scenes or whatever and then it just comes down to capitol like. Comes down to being able to have someone who will be like. Here's a couple hundred thousand dollars like your movie. I mean yeah, it's like an even. Like. Black Independent. Filmmakers. It is like that. Somehow that's its own. That's it's own. Jonah or something like is, but it's not. But it is. It's like these little blips like there's not a feels like the idea like movement hasn't really right. It's up. Capital, yeah, exactly it's like with like with the whole white indie scene there like tears in their like classes of it and like there are people who like who are like. We all came together Bob La like the whole pocket of women who do it who are always like? Pet respite does Luna's grew like that does make sense like Kelly? Reichardt has to like wait ten years between every movie or whatever like? but it's still like that kind of. Group I feel like doesn't exist as much and we're. We're only talking about black. People wear the like whereas next mumble Korea's like Asian monk. For Yeah..

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