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Because it's obviously like you said, it's like Halloween movies aren't going to be Shakespeare. Exactly. That's a straightforward entertainment value. It's that ability to just tune into it and have fun. They had everything. Does that? And you will add later in life. I think went on to star in a couple porns. Good for him. Yeah. With that voice? You're not exactly using your voice for that. Yeah. And that's not how the actor actually sounds all the time. And you would hope not. Sweet Jesus. Can you imagine though? Yeah. God. Yeah. Yeah, because that was a fork going down the chalkboard. Christopher mintz plasse in the remake of this plate evil head in that one. And I'll Anton Yelchin played Charlie barley and Colin Farrell did a great job at I thought as the good casting choice. And Toni Collette was the mom and that it was an Imogen poots. Was Amy. I think the first film I saw her. So and David Tennant was Peter Vincent. Yeah. It was a great cast. Yeah, it was very well cast. It was not sarcastic as great as the original nostalgia. Yeah. It relied way too much on CGI at the time. And I mean, it was written by one of the writers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And one of the interesting things was they were like, oh, well, you know, the vampire can't come inside your house if you don't invite him. And instead the vampire just went and cut the gas line and then set it on fire and like blow up the house and they had to run outside. But the problem with the remake was, they said it in a small suburban town in near Vegas. And so it was just a small little area. It didn't really. The thing that was great about this film is that there were only really a few sets and it mostly took place on Charlie's block. You had some little scene at the school in one at a restaurant they want to, the club, but mostly it was at his house. Where did he live that their houses in a suburban area and then you go not that long ago and you're like, oh, you're in an alley in the middle of a city. You're in a club now? That's called a studio backlot. Also, Jerry had a sweet, Jeep and Charlie's red and gravy. Mustang? Yeah. That was a great mustache. That's a great use of primer. You keep those keep that rust out. So anyway, this has been another episode of some of you know, this is your Halloween series..

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