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The racism that you saw twenty years ago still persists especially in sports can you can use it was the case with tennis champion yannick noah for example he says when he won it was france one and when he lost it was the cameroonian lost again it happens all the time including in soccer and its national team on the black bloomberg team won it was win for france and when they lost it was there are too many blacks in the french team even worse says don't is one soccer players are the target of racial slurs whoa today in france when black players enter the stadium you can often hear some fans making monkey noises he says there have even been cases where a player got sanctioned instead of the offenders when he complained to the referee just last month there was a violent incident in corsica one a soccer team from laura arrived to play a game their bus was attacked by local fans who threw rocks and chanted racist insults there were more insults during the game francis professional soccer league says it's investigating reporter album taika says it's true the black bloomberg spirit of nine hundred ninety eight didn't lead to significant progress on racial attitudes but he says some things have changed he says the team inspired many talented young players from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue the sport professionally interest issue responded people today what is certain is that soccer is one of the most popular sports day and that it's inclusive for kids in training clubs they learned that the best members play it's obvious today when you see that we have a very diverse french national team and it's the best players who are in it for the world olympia paris.

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