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And weather on the 8th and we go to Mary De Pompa in the WTOP traffic center all right good morning Luke Lucre it is a good soggy morning if you will it is something out there if you're traveling this early morning please please be sure to have that extra time a lot of caution you're on the defensive there could be debris there's lots of standing water there's more to come flooding will be a thing those low -lying areas that you can think of in your neighborhood yeah they're flooded out of their banks right now and you will find a lot of standing water my trip in for instance the whole west side of the Beltway once crossing into Montgomery County the traffic lights the signals the roadway lighting is out it is dark so you're going through standing water with not a lot of light so again on the defensive speeds are down we have a series of crashes on the Beltway in Prince George's County they were all along the outer loop the ramp that goes to the Baltimore Washington Parkway take that ramp with caution outer loop after 95 the spinout crashes along the right outer loop that once you pass Colesville Road toward University or excuse excuse me Colesville Road toward Georgia Avenue watch out there is a wreck there along the right side the list goes on we could list a bunch of crashes but I can tell you speeds down on the defensive and be prepared for lots of flooding stay tuned for the weather want to test your electric car or want to test an electric car plug into fitsmall .com and find your electric ride today check out the Subaru Solterra

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