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All time. Amy Winehouse back to black. October of two thousand six to black it's Amy Winehouse's second and final studio album the album's content was based in a relationship with her ex boyfriend and future husband the album sound is described as influenced by nineteen sixties girl group pop and soul with contemporary art be in need of Saul critics love the album song writing and performance as well as the production. thousands of UAW workers walk off the job are on a beat reporter Jeff Gilbert kicking off our live team coverage and developing in sterling heights an officer involved shooting are Michael Cole and we'll have that story a sky rocketing number of reported illnesses linked to vaping prom school districts to install bank detectors I'm seven Kaufman good morning I'm Tom Georgia morning thank you for joining us I'm reverted just saying a for W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty also coming up in sports here's Tony will talk about the lions to pick up a big win yesterday at home against the Los Angeles Chargers will also look in on the Tigers they lose again this time for the Baltimore Orioles sports at seven forty five look like rain today high of seventy eights writes about sixty six right now it's cloudy skies at metro W. WJZ I'm seven thirty one a semi truck on fire has a freeway shut down near the Michigan Ohio border let's bring in Dennis new Boker just a mile north of at the border Roberta at Stearns road north on U. S. twenty three shut down semi fire C. core rolled up to Saint Anthony might be at alternate come out of Ohio maybe instead of seventy five a disclosure that's a big deal to for not only cars but trucks north twenty three north of the Michigan Ohio border at Stearns road that's about a mile north there too and really still tough going and Arbor in fourteen year part driving Whitmore Lake Road we're back with another update seven thirty eight General Motors plants are idle this morning as tens of thousands of unionized workers are on strike over issues that include healthcare job security and pay the start off thirteen carriage with W. W. J. I'll be reporter Jeff Gilbert live in local good morning Jeff good morning Tom this is the first nationwide strike against GM in a dozen years at one and two thousand seven only lasted two days who knows how long this one will go they'll get back to the bargaining table at ten o'clock this morning you wait W. vice president Terry did us says this is not something they did Lytle this is our last resort it represents great sacrifice. and great courage on the part of our members and all of us here says the union didn't have to strike they've been offered raises new jobs and solutions for plants that are considered on allocate we think this offers very sound and strong with investments in job creation GM manufacturing chief general Johnson in an online statement did not mention temporary workers or getting new hires up to full pay faster both of those very big issues for the union reporting live five Jeff Gilbert WWJ newsradio nine fifty how is this affecting the workers here and to try with that part of the story we're joined live in local by W. WJZY on do we run and Roberta speaking with to mera Avenue among the GM workers on the line here outside Detroit Hamtramck assembly in fact she's a third generation GM worker she says they are all in this together because they can't call each other family members to help out this is my history this is my present and this is our future. we want to be able to purchase the cars that we may want to pay this can afford the cars that we may make a quality product and we stand behind our products but as how long she's willing to be on the picket lines here apply quote until my eyes can stay open it no more live local outside Detroit Hamtramck assembly run do a W. W. jadis radio nine Papa about Wayne County what is a strike mean the for the entire county in the economy W. W. JC to be reported to get Thomas with the county executive said he tried Hamtramck assembly plant was set to shut down in June but has been given a reprieve until January of twenty twenty that's part of the current contract negotiations Wayne County executive Warren Evans really concerned that you know that was a piece of property that the the city gave away an eminent domain for the purpose of creating a plant and when it's not operating in that's not happening does look like such a good deal and what is Detroit mayor Mike Duggan saying yeah I mean I'm not going to comment on their negotiations okay but the part of the I understand I understand was their negotiations so the key town that's W. W. Jane is ready nine fifth W. W. Jane news time seven thirty five developing news in Macomb county a suspect is hospitalized after being shot by police officers.

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