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By area meadow stallings I also WanNa, recommend white fragility why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism by Robin. Dangelo Rodham by Curtis Sitting Feld, which is like this awesome kind of sliding doors account of what would have happened if Hillary Rodham Clinton hadn't gone in a different direction American dirt by Gene Cummings which was awesome. Long Pedal of the sea by as a Bell Allende. If you like day, you will love this one sex and vanity by Kevin Kwan Kevin Kwan is the author who wrote crazy rich Asians and others of that ilk. But it all takes place on Capri in Italy, which is where I should be right now instead of in my living room. So that was a nice little escape, and of course, what makes marriage lasts by Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue who have been guests on the podcast and interviewed about forty couples who had been in long term marriages all different ages races sexual orientations, really interesting relationship material, and guidance. That's from Laura's book club next I want to introduce you to another author who describes himself as a father who had an epiphany. He's written a how to guide for Dads to remain active and relevant in their kids lives after divorce all the way from Louisville Kentucky virtually via zoom. Welcome to all's fair Steve Adams. Thank you for having me. It's privilege. Of course, I love the book I know that you live in Louisville with your dog Jack by the way my son's name is Jack and as much as possible with your kids Rachel Carter Rachel's a nursing student at Western. Kentucky University and Carter is a High School Student in Louisville and when you're not doing your fulltime job, you're a real estate agent. Really it's. But since you know since we started talking a little bit when I was talking to Johnny Johnny. Hey. Good to see Ya Rachel's graduated. She. Is An RN with Norton Healthcare here in Louisville. So that's one that's kind of out of the nest. She was she was a senior when we first started talking, but she has finished up and she's The she's adultery now she's finding out very quickly. Things Change. Well, yes. Especially during a pandemic being in Iran. Wow brave soul. Yeah. So I love that you did a divorce dad's guide to parenting excellence because I threw out my twenty six year career as a family allow turney have represented probably believe it not more dad's than moms and I am a very big proponent of Dad's rights. We've had a lot of DADS on the show we've had a lot of advocates for. Male and father's rights I truly do believe that a dad can be just as good of a parent as a mom if not better in some instances and that even from birth even if you're breastfeeding, we have a lot of MOMS breastfeeding couldn't possibly share custody. I have had judges say pump. And hand off and you can do this and I think it's important for bonding and I think it's important for kids but I have found and this is why I thought your book was so awesome that a Lotta Times ads fight fight fight fight fight for custody get custody, and then we'll call.

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