Campus Life in the Fall? A Test With No Clear Answer


Many students this year were forced to miss out on everything from props to in person graduations amid the culvert nineteen pandemic now colleges students and parents are looking ahead to the fall and what things might look like and axial college reaction poll finds that nearly two thirds of incoming students are willing to take classes on campus college reaction Cyrus bash lost joins us to discuss what they're facing our latest findings are telling us about sixty five percent of college in twenty ten if the card free open for in person classes in the fall about thirty percent of students would continue on with the distance learning that we've been seeing the last few months about four percent would cut off from college all together and withdraw from classes temporarily pre coronavirus we stock articles surveys out beds and I'll try to gauge how much college students valued the cortical college experience now I think we're seeing a confluence of two trends one where you've got college students appraisal of that experience dipping because that experience is changing it's moving online we don't know how it's going to change into the fall two we're seeing the financial grip of coronavirus forcing students to reallocate their budget some students who could've afforded college last term literally can't afford at this time unemployment's search jobs been lost that's a real consideration for millions of college students college reaction cyber specialist says seventy eight percent of students say they need schools to reduce tuition of distance learning continues into the fall we spoke this week with Billy Arseneault who was beginning her freshman year this fall the James Madison university in Virginia about what she's hoping for and whether she would rather go to in person virtual classes it's definitely a concern of mine right now I mean I would much rather spend my time going to in person classes because I feel like that's the normal experience and I definitely want experience that but if that's not the case and Burchell is okay I mean it's definitely something to think about but I'm not really sure right now are you afraid about going to in person classes of that's what your school is doing or as you said it's it's part of the college experience right yes so if they say you know you've got to come to class with how many other people are you going to be worried I don't think so I just I feel like it's part of the experience that I feel like I've been preparing myself for it as long as Clinton has been in place because I've had so much time to think about this and like really compare myself and do my research so it's more something that I'm looking forward to at this point than getting nervous about lily's mom Tracy open our says she is worried about sending her daughter from New York to Virginia for possible in person classes of course I am I am I have my typical concerns about her going off to college as it is as bad compound that with now if you like we had done make and consider talking about a potential second we even the fall winter you know I'll be sending her off with a box of supplies not knowing what she's going to fit in did you have any thoughts of just saying okay we're not going to do this this year I think you know with all the disappointment they've experienced already this year I don't want to you continue that we occur quite meant by saying you know I'm actually not gonna let you go off to school I think that we have to you go with the flow ticket many precautions as possible and before the fight that was Tracy open our and our daughter lily arsenal on its website right now J. M. you says it's planning to resume its on campus residential operations this fall but a task force is working to address questions about what living learning a dining arrangements on campus might look like if public health guides dissipates ongoing social

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