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Texas hold 103 1 to 99 70. A nationwide coin shortage has some businesses saying, If you pay cash, you may need to have exact change, as correspondent Bill Michaels explains. According to the Federal Reserve, the corona virus pandemic is causing a nationwide coin shortage. After business closures and some restricting payment to Cardon Lee. The cash flow stopped in an online conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told the committee. The whole system of flow has come to a stop. Powell says the Federal Reserve is aware of the problem and working with the Mint and the Reserve Bank's those reserve banks and felt reserve began rationing inventory June 15th like other factories across the nation, the mid Paul's production amid the pandemic, leading to a smaller amount of coins being produced Two time world snowboard champion and winter Olympian Alex. Poland has dried well spear fishing on Australia's gold coast and barbecue, Zach I've got this pack of four sharp rescue dogs. Jimmy Coco, another Sharpay, one who is so I have stuck with the dynamite for my goodness. Probably 56 years. People remark. Really? How? Well my dogs Look what beautiful coats that I tell you. They get a regular diet of dynamite with every meal kind of fight is I'm Leon Nathan, co creator of the Hit Podcast. Slow Burn. I'm here to tell you about a new podcast I'm working on. It's called five before where we dissected, analyzed occasions that have swarmed American life like Locusts over a grassy plain. Every week. Peter, Brianna and Michael are going to take on a legally dubious Supreme Court decision, and that rule just so happens to benefit the interests of wealthy and powerful people. People listen and described five free wherever you get your podcasts..

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